Wednesday, April 21

Here is your horoscope for 25 March 2021


While there can be some restlessness today, dear Aries, it’s probably best for you to allow yourself the luxury of some release from pressure or tension. The Moon spends most of the day in your sector of leisure and joy, but you could feel a bit torn between personal interests and a commitment to someone. You’ll attract the most luck if you tone down the tendency to overdo or overindulge. As the day advances, the Sun is shining its light on hints of the future in terms of love, creative matters, image, and personal enjoyment. You are motivated to spontaneously share yourself or make more time to do what pleases you most. You might discover a new passion. Your appeal is strong today, and people are finding you especially fun and interesting. Your heart is open, you’re amorous, and you’re inclined to do a little self-pampering.


Today’s Mercury-Mars square can create some tension, dear Taurus, making it easier to get all riled up about a matter. This influence seems to stir impatience, and it’s best to avoid pushing issues that you can’t change. Still, you may need to get something out of your system, and it’s a good idea to aim for mindful communications. Confrontations can be part of the picture now, or it may be that you want to put something behind you quickly and make an impulsive move. For best results, identify your priorities and recognize that you can’t do everything at once. You might use excess energy to take care of a nagging problem and put it behind you. Control or power games are tempting now, particularly if you feel frustrated about a matter of ownership or jealousy, but it’s not the solution to problems. You might also be a little too quick to jump to your defense (or someone else) before you know the whole story. Think up better ways to deal with irritating situations today — ways that will serve your interests not only today but down the road. Ultimately, difficulties understanding a situation now can lead to solutions and good feelings.


You can feel pleasantly busy today, dear Gemini, but as much as you’d love to keep the momentum going, it can be difficult to focus or concentrate. The Sun and Venus head towards alignment in your social sector, giving you a boost. This transit can serve as a refreshing ray of hope for your social life or happiness goals, inspiring you to begin anew. It’s a good time to experiment with new ideas, reach out, and make contact. Your desire to please is strong, particularly with friends and in group settings, and your popularity is on the rise. Friendships can be enhanced and improved with warm gestures and expressions of appreciation.


The Moon heads into your sector of home, safety, and familiarity today, dear Cancer, and you’re ready to unwind. While early today can stir tensions or buried frustrations, the day advances with more ease. Venus enters an intimate, complex sector of your solar chart today, influencing this house until the 25th. It’s a transit that can pull up important themes of passion, attachment, and intensity in your love life or relationship with yourself. You more easily attract support, and you can be more involved with others’ resources and talents. If you could use a loan or benefit from smoothing over differences with financial or intimate matters, this can be the best time of the year to do so. Your love nature runs a little deeper now.


Good energy is with you for harmonizing and connecting with others, dear Leo. Making peace with someone from your past or present can be in focus — the key is to break free from outdated relating patterns. Personal and social needs blend well now. You’re dealing with reasonable, fair, and balanced people, or your unique approach to others brings out their sense of fairness. Debates, counseling sessions, consultations, brainstorming, and any other interpersonal problem-solving and decision-making can be wonderfully successful now. You are not only interested in coming to surface peace and harmony — you’re willing to go further with this and make sure to get to the core of problems.


The Moon’s transit of your busy solar third house today stimulates your curiosity, dear Virgo. Mercury, your planetary ruler, moves into your work and health sector today. Until March 15th, you might frequently focus on and perhaps fret about the details of your life. Your thoughts and conversations often turn to work, health, and practical matters. It’s a decent time to learn new skills, particularly practical ones, and seek information that helps you improve your work, health, routines, and habits. Haste makes waste later today, as Mercury and Mars form a square. This transit might convince us we need to rush our actions or words when we may only need to think differently. Differences of opinion can escalate quickly, or disagreements can occupy too much space in your mind. On the other side of the coin, problem areas may be so glaring that you’re ready to do something about them and finally resolve a long-standing issue. Just be sure not to move so quickly that you trip over yourself. It’s best to avoid rushing conversations, trips, or projects.


Mercury moves into harmony with your sign after spending time tucked away in your home sector, dear Libra, and it can feel quite liberating as you become less guarded. With Mercury now in your entertainment, romance, and pleasure sector, it’s more comfortable and natural to express your ideas and opinions. You’re more communicative and friendly during this cycle that lasts until March 15th, and you’re inclined to seek intellectual entertainment or mental stimulation. There can be a stronger need for communications and movement in a romantic relationship. Later today, a theme of impatience or disagreement can emerge, although it’s rather quick to evaporate. It’s best not to speak too soon or without thinking while it lasts, as what you say may not represent how you feel. Disruptions now can stir up new ideas, but it’s best to watch for abrupt moves to avoid complications. If you are impatient with others instead of assertive and direct, then you run the risk of unnecessary stress.


Mercury begins its transit of the sector of your solar chart that rules heart, home, and family, dear Scorpio. Thought processes are inward and intuitive during this cycle that lasts until March 15th. There can be a lot to learn about (or through) family and close loved ones in the weeks ahead. Thoughts and conversations often turn to domestic affairs, family concerns, or the past. You are not as communicative in the outside world, and you may not feel quite as understood or “heard” at this time. You may be a little more guarded than usual with your thoughts and ideas. However, it’s another story in your personal life, which is far busier. Later today, there can be some tensions if you give in to pressures to push a matter or to rush through things. There can be some abruptness in communications or actions, which might lead to unnecessary complications. Kept under check, you may find ways to break out along a new path of expression. Try not to rush things, and don’t let others boss you around, and you’ll have a better chance of resolving problems.



Mercury completes its transit of your resources sector, dear Sagittarius, and now enters your communications sector. As the planet of communications, it feels right at home there! This cycle that lasts until March 15th helps you make sharper assessments and gain some mental clarity. It encourages reaching out, making connections, picking up new interests and skills, and sharing your ideas. Learning, teaching, studying, and conversations flow naturally now. Later today, Mercury forms a hard aspect to Mars, which can generate some tension if you give in to pressures to rush something through. Impatience can be a problem, particularly with ideas. Simplifying or focusing on one thing at a time may help. Watch for hasty moves and jumping too quickly to conclusions. Slowing down just a little can ultimately get you where you want to go, if not faster, more smoothly.



Mercury moves out of your sign and into your resources sector today, dear Capricorn, where it will stay until March 15th. This influence is beneficial for your practical affairs–you’re bringing more intelligence and attention to matters related to finances, valuables, possessions, and security or comfort. These very things can also be strongly on your mind in the weeks ahead! You can pick up useful, practical information, mainly because this is the kind of information you seek most. Later today, Mercury and Mars form a challenging square aspect, and it’s best not to rush conclusions or statements. It’s far easy to say something you later regret under this influence. It may not be easy to relax temporarily, but tension might push you to take care of something you’ve let go. Taking something as an intellectual challenge may be your best bet. Moderation and patience are key, even if they’re difficult to put into practice.



The Moon spends the day at the top of your solar chart, inclining you to nurture your ambitions today, dear Aquarius. You’re especially aware of your influence and reputation now. Also today, Mercury enters your sign, and until March 15th, you’re finding your voice and making snappier decisions. It’s a self-starting and sometimes restless cycle. You may need to put a little extra effort into making time to relax. Otherwise, it’s a strong period for mental clarity. You prefer to take the lead when it comes to mental or intellectual tasks rather than consult others or collaborate. While Mercury transiting your sign is a mostly helpful influence, it forms a square to Mars today, and you should watch for the tendency to jump the gun. It’s best not to rush now — problems may result from pushing something too quickly. Try not to give in to pressures to say or do something in haste. It’s also possible that family or home matters can conflict with your plans, or people close to you may be annoyed by your attention to other things. There may be a disagreement that requires putting egos aside to resolve.


Mercury begins its transit of your privacy sector today, dear Pisces. Until March 15th, your decision-making skills and thought processes tend to be more intuitive, inward, or solitary. It’s a good cycle for processing recent experiences, as well as for reasoning your way through issues that you’ve left unfinished or pushed to the side. You can arrive at a greater understanding of your life, and you might help others with words of advice and wisdom. You’re looking at the past from a new perspective and paying more attention to your private life. Even so, Mercury forms a challenging aspect to Mars later today, and it can fire you up to take care of a problem area. However, it’s better to avoid rushing words or actions now. Unresolved matters can weigh on your mind, which can distract you or incline you to rush through communications. Tense or rushed speech can, in turn, lead to unnecessary complications or misunderstandings. There might also be competitiveness with others that irritates rather than motivates. Try not to put plans into motion because you’re impatient–wait until you’re confident and have time to put more thought into them.