The Moon heads into your solar fourth house, and you’re more focused than usual on your personal life, family, or home, dear Aries. While you’re craving a stronger sense of security now, a Venus-Uranus transit brings a somewhat unpredictable or disorienting theme today, mainly because it upsets the routine. There can be some unexpected events in your relationships, social life, or with money and business matters, which can mess a little with timing. Sudden attractions to people, material things, or experiences may emerge today, and these can be fun or disruptive, depending on your perspective! If you’ve ignored your needs to make interesting changes in your life, you’ll discover them now. It’s better not to commit to anything or anyone with your feelings in a state of rapid flux. Later today, productivity flows, and it’s easier to concentrate.


The Moon enters your communications sector today, and there can be a helpful focus on connecting, communicating, and learning, dear Taurus. Today’s Venus-Uranus transit is a bit destabilizing. Uranus in your sign highlights your independent side, but Venus is currently transiting a cozy area of your chart, and you have a stronger desire for comfortable and familiar situations. Today’s influences can highlight this clash between wanting to be comfortable and feeling stifled by closeness or bored with the usual. It can also be a time of interruptions and changes of plans that can irritate you but help establish your priorities. Later today, you’re in good shape for putting concerted energy and quality time into a creative project or even a love relationship.


Today’s Venus-Uranus square points to potential issues related to communications and transportation that are unexpected, dear Gemini, and it’s not always easy to center yourself. There can be uncomfortable moments or changes of schedule that throw you a bit off course. With Venus in your solar third house, you enjoy conversing and connecting these days, more than usual, but you can be unsure how close you want to get, or you could feel disconnected and misunderstood today. Recognize the need for a little more freedom and space so that you find ways to attain these things without too much ado. Later today is excellent for pouring your energy into a project or an endeavor that’s close to your heart. However, it’s always a good idea to wind yourself down rather than wind up on the day before a New Moon, as is the case now.


Today’s Venus-Uranus transit can throw you a bit off-center by a money or ownership matter, dear Cancer, or you can feel pulled out of your comfort zone by unexpected events. It’s temporary and can lead to good things, but it can also feel a bit disruptive. Instead, this influence can pull up an inner conflict between wanting to play it safe and experimenting with something new. Interruptions or schedule changes can figure strongly now, but they probably shouldn’t be taken to heart. If the urge to buy something comes up suddenly, try to wait it out because your appetite for new things can fade almost as quickly as it comes on and may only be about discontent. You might need a change in your routine for some emotional refreshment, which can be a wake-up call. As the day advances, it’s easier to tap into whatever inspires you and pour your energy into it. Also today, the Moon moves into your sign, and your heart tends to rule your head. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to unwind with a New Moon set to occur in your sign tomorrow.


You enjoy a better ability to focus on the positive and uplifting elements of your life, dear Leo. A Mercury-Venus parallel today and tomorrow helps improve cooperation and promotes harmony. You tend to enjoy the company of others and a healthy rapport with them. Areas of imbalance in your life or relationships can be more evident, and you’re quick to correct them. Today is also suitable for keeping abreast of current happenings and gaining some new perspectives on a matter. You’re more likely to become inspired by the feedback you receive from sharing ideas, skills, talents, or knowledge with others. You’re connecting with your own needs for happiness, whether about a cause, a relationship, or personal interest.


There is much to absorb and take in today, dear Virgo, and you’re especially open to talking things through and listening to incoming advice and information. You’re inclined to do more thinking and making decisions about your life direction, major life transitions, business, or career path. Problem-solving, list-making, and sorting things out are in focus. Even so, there’s a real interactive and sociable element to the day that’s pleasant and engaging. Healing energy is with you, but standing out now is the reasonable tone of the day. It’s a fine time to collaborate and generate ideas, but you tend to reserve judgment for when you’ve had some time to process and digest everything.


In the first half of the day, people seem to require more care and sensitivity, dear Libra, and there is a strong inclination for misunderstandings or hurt feelings. Keep apologies short, if necessary. With Venus at the top of your chart these days, you’re making it easy for others to respect you. Authority figures, including bosses and parents, are likely to see you in a good light. Someone could support, sponsor, or otherwise endorse you, particularly as the day advances and Venus moves into harmony with Uranus in your sector of support and others’ resources. It’s a good time to flirt with new ideas, concepts, and activities. Freeing yourself from self-limiting beliefs of what you can or cannot do is what Uranus in this sector of your chart is about, and right now, this process helps you present the best version of yourself to others.


Tensions, both internal and with others, are possible in the first half of the day, dear Scorpio. Someone might misunderstand your opinions or take them personally. Avoid explaining yourself to people who are acting narrow-minded but take the time to make things right with those who deserve your attention. Dissatisfaction might only resolve given a little time. As the day advances, you feel considerably freer to express yourself in new ways. It’s a beautiful time for a boost in a relationship. Keeping things fresh and exciting helps any relationships that have become predictable. People are drawn to your liveliness, charm, ideas, and wit today. Sharing ideas, philosophies, and beliefs can be mind-expanding and pleasant. Doing something offbeat or outside of the usual routine can be integral.


In the first half of the day, people can quickly feel slighted and are easily offended, dear Sagittarius, with a Venus-Chiron aspect in play. It may be better to avoid drama right now, which can very easily escalate. Instead, take more time to understand what it is you truly want. Trying to explain your way out of something is likely to be a waste of time right now. If rhythms in relationships are off temporarily, it’s best not to let them define your next move. As the day advances, you feel lighter and freer, particularly on an emotional level. You can experience a pleasant degree of detachment later today, and this is a welcome detour. It allows you just enough comfort and emotional distance from matters to enjoy yourself fully. Complicated issues seem far less complex or confusing. Loosening up your schedule helps you relax and have fun.



With today’s Solar Eclipse clearing the path for lifestyle improvements, dear Capricorn, ideas or insights gained now can help direct you along these lines. You’ll be taking charge of your work, daily routines, self-care programs, and health. However, there is some need to review before you make a fresh start. You may want to breathe some new life into old routines, for example. Perhaps due to a dilemma, a reinvigoration process begins, whether it’s about taking better care of yourself or recommitting to a work project. Aim to be content to be out of step or anonymous, just for now, as this can help you in the long run since it allows you to observe and redirect plans. Be sure to pace yourself and don’t jump into something without thinking. A new direction will come, and you don’t have to push for it. Instead, you’ll feel the motivation and courage build slowly but surely, eventually reaching a point where you’re in charge and confident in what you’re doing.



To clear the way for a fresh start after today’s Solar Eclipse, dear Aquarius, you may need to take care of some unfinished business. Those projects or associations that have been holding you back from expressing your authentic, creative self may come under scrutiny. This eclipse can serve as a strong push to start anew regarding a romance, creative project, or the pursuit of joy and pleasure in your life. As you review old ideas, new perspectives can unveil. There could be a reconnection with an old friend that gets you thinking or viewing a past relationship in a new way. This helps set up the new, slate-clearing energy of this eclipse. It can also be a time for bringing back old hobbies and pastimes. Since this powerful New Moon occurs in your sector of romance, creative self-expression, recreation, children, and hobbies, events happening now and in the coming weeks set you up for new beginnings in one or more of these areas of life. You are likely to attract positive attention from others, especially romantically or creatively speaking. Allow the process to unfold, and keep in mind that eclipses can drain your energy temporarily.


If you’ve been undecided about a project launch, a move, or a personal change, dear Pisces, the energy of today’s Solar Eclipse can nudge you forward. However, take your time with brand new beginnings and aim to strategize and plan. Keep in mind that any backtracking you need to do now will contribute significantly to the strength of plans and future ventures. There can be some critical renovations and improvements in your home or with family relationships on the horizon. A fresh start may arise from a feeling of being in the dark or in limbo, necessitating a new approach. Whatever the reason, you’re starting anew with your home or personal life, family, or needs for nurture, comfort, and safety. It can involve excavating and looking to past patterns to better understand where you want to go. It’s time to assess what may have held you back from thriving, mainly related to your career and domestic world, and how you balance your time between them. The coming weeks are powerful for taking charge of your home life, attention to matters of security and safety, connecting with family and your own emotions. This eclipse can serve as a cosmic nudge to find your roots, learn your worth, build your sense of security, and focus on improving your support system or base of operations. There can be the need or desire to put your personal life first now, and changes may be afoot.