Conversations, learning, communicating, and studying go well today if you keep them light, dear Aries. There is a more significant focus on others, your relationships, and negotiating or accommodating people in your life. Even so, with Mercury square Neptune, you can be more sensitive to imbalances in your environment, including situations that are too messy and hectic. There may be some second-guessing of plans, as minor weaknesses seem to reveal themselves. A conversation or news received now can be misleading, and it’s probably best to let time tell. If you can pull yourself away from facts and figures, this can be a good day for enjoying the world of creativity or imagination.


The day can require some adjustments, dear Taurus. You may have misjudged the time or resources needed to finish a task, or decision-making isn’t straightforward, but it may very well be for a good reason. With today’s planetary arrangements, it isn’t easy to see things clearly. Financial matters may also need attention, and it may be best to avoid lending or borrowing just for now. There can be a misunderstanding about money. Creative and imaginative activities are likely to fare a lot better than practical ones, but it’s a good idea to be vigilant if dealing with the latter. While you’ve been more objective about your financial state, talents, and resources these days, facts are unlikely to be clear today. Wishful or fearful thinking can skew your perceptions. Avoid letting others’ demands, beating around the bush, or complaints drain you. Taking things step by step can be comforting. Quiet or solitary activities suit you just fine, and in fact, tend to bring out your best just for the moment.


Your imagination grows today, dear Gemini, but possibly to the point of excess, and it’s best to avoid making too much or too little of a person or situation. There can be an unintentional tendency to be indiscreet with your ruler (Mercury) in your sign and in hard aspect to Neptune. It’s not easy to see professional or reputation matters clearly. Aim to use your imagination constructively by focusing on possible positive outcomes, but keep in mind that it’s best not to act on ventures and ideas just for now since they’re more likely to be impractical. Use this time for imagining possibilities without jumping to conclusions. It may be best to let time tell the truth of a matter. If goals are too far-reaching or not very clear now, take things a step at a time and entertain smaller, more realizable goals until you can put yourself behind something with confidence.


There can be a nice focus on attention to your personal needs, family, or domestic life today, dear Cancer. You seem to need to get your domestic life running smoothly before taking on the world, or you need the space to get yourself together to function well. However, there can be quite a play on your perceptions and beliefs today, and you could be tempted to turn on the emotional blinders about a matter that you don’t want to face just yet. Mercury and Neptune form a square, and it’s best to make an extra effort to avoid glossing over important details. Try to assess a matter that seems too good to be true before banking on it now. Consider that you may be tricking yourself when it comes to a belief or goal. If you’re feeling restless with your routine, but you also feel the need to put things in order, which is quite likely now, consider attending to both needs in little ways.


Wishful thinking can interfere with seeing a situation clearly today, dear Leo, particularly regarding emotional attachments, relationships, and finances. It’s not the time to be indiscriminate with money, and it’s especially the case when it comes to others handling it! Neptune in your solar eighth house is challenging Mercury, and while it comes and goes today, it will return in early June and then early July. It’s best to keep abreast of what’s going on with shared resources. You might need to draw some boundaries with people who may be pushing your limits. Or, you recognize the need to take better care of spiritual needs before driving forward with your goals today, and this is more likely the more you’ve neglected to seek out inspiration in recent times. If you feel a bit drained, you may need some fresh inspiration. Try not to let a temporary lack of direction discourage you. Instead, try to welcome a pause or break in your life.


Your interactions can be confusing, or you could feel somewhat out of sync with someone today, dear Virgo, as Mercury forms a square to Neptune. Be vigilant if putting your faith in someone or something, or aim to reserve judgment on a matter until more information surfaces. Instead, this transit could leave you wanting to escape some of your duties, or there can be fogginess or something left up in the air that impacts your career or direction. The tendency to feel drained of energy or enthusiasm runs high, although it’s only temporary and possibly serves as a reminder to take a break or get extra rest. Doing so may help restore your vision, or you could find a new source of inspiration. Consider ways to divide your attention better going forward.


The Moon spends the day in your sign, dear Libra, and you can feel emotionally more alive and engaged. Still, the desire to experience something more than the ordinary can come in like a rush as the day advances, but the day’s Mercury-Neptune transit can play with your perceptions a little if you’re not careful or aware of it. Honor your need to learn and know more, but be extra vigilant if life’s circumstances keep you in situations where you need to pay particular attention to details. Today’s energies are not suitable for seeing things realistically just for now. Misleading information may be floating around you, and the tendency to forget or overlook things runs high. Consider that discontent may have its root in the need for more fulfilling, creative, or imaginative work. Make time and space, if you can, for artistic or relaxing activities.


The Moon spends the day in your privacy sector, dear Scorpio, and it’s best to catch your breath and process recent events and feelings. With Mercury forming a square to Neptune today, there can be confusing signals or a sense that things are up in the air, especially regarding money, support, and relationships. This can leave you in a state of limbo, but it can be a time for a pause that refreshes. Consider that wishful thinking can easily distort your perceptions and decisions under the influence of this transit–it’s better to put your imagination to more creative, empowering, and productive use. It can be well worth the effort to try to fill your needs for vision and inspiration. If there is some wavering about going forward with a relationship or financial matter, perhaps it’s a sign to wait.



Sharing ideas, enjoying activities with others, networking, and negotiating can be in focus now, dear Sagittarius, and quite favored. As the day advances, though, there can be some lack of clarity. It’s a good time for dreaming up new ideas but less ideal for discovering concrete answers or commitments. Mercury’s square to Neptune points to mixed signals and off rhythms and patterns in relationships. If you’ve been spending too much time with others or honoring others’ needs at the expense of your needs for personal comfort, you’ll feel the imbalance today. Some discontent is possible now, but it’s temporary. It may be best to let go of a need for definitive signs or answers, as you’ll be better off enjoying the moment and taking a pause that refreshes.



This is a time for being open to possibilities, but not ideal for locking things down, dear Capricorn. If you’ve forgotten to feed your needs for emotional refreshment, you could feel a little drained or deflated today with Mercury’s square to Neptune. It’s not easy to stay on course mentally under this transit. If possible, give yourself a break from heavy thinking and planning. Non-competitive and undemanding activities fare best right now. It’s a better day for making adjustments and refinements than concrete decisions, especially with contracts, health, and work matters. Sometimes when these two planets meet, we can get carried away with impractical ideas, but if you stay grounded and resign yourself to imagining possibilities, this shouldn’t be a problem.



You can be excited about recent new ideas, dear Aquarius, and playing around with how you might turn them into something solid. However, our perceptions may be a little off today, possibly skewed by wishful thinking. Mercury’s square to Neptune tends to blur boundaries. People might skirt or overlook details or even the truth. You might get a feeling that you are missing something or failing to meet a responsibility. Go over all of your duties and if you are up to date, give yourself permission to enjoy yourself! There could be some confusing social or work situations that require waiting things out before clarity comes. Wait before making big decisions, particularly related to matters of the heart and financial affairs.


There can be some confusion or lack of clarity that crops up with family or concerning domestic affairs, dear Pisces. Interactions today can be on the confusing side, or possibly simply open-ended, with logical Mercury in challenging aspect with Neptune in your sign. Someone could be pushing for an answer, but you may not feel ready to make that kind of definition or commitment. While being in limbo about a matter can be frustrating, it can also be a chance to look for inconsistencies in plans. Reorienting your thinking is a process that can take you closer to your spiritual needs, ideals, and personal dreams. Guidance and clarity may not seem readily available right now but will return soon enough. Dream and imagine today, and save important conclusions for another day.