The Moon spends the day in your solar twelfth house of hidden, private matters, dear Aries. It’s a time for recouping your energy. Activities that honor your need to reconnect with your inner spirit are most welcome now. Mercury moves to the top of your solar chart, where it will transit until January 8th. This cycle brings more mental activity and involvement with career, reputation, and goal-setting activities. The Sun will head into the same sector tomorrow, and Mercury here can help you make sense of your ambitions and goals. Communications are a little more studied or guarded during this cycle, which can be necessary since others are more inclined to take you seriously. Feelings can fluctuate about money and possessions later today.


The Moon spends the day in your social sector, dear Taurus, and it’s a good time to approach others and enjoy simple, straightforward connections. People are drawn to you quite naturally, although later today, there can be a disconnect or moodiness with Venus forming an awkward angle with Uranus in your sign. Mercury enters your solar ninth house today for a transit that lasts until January 8th. You’re likely to think about ways to enjoy a change of pace. With the Sun entering the same sector tomorrow, you gravitate toward experiences that go beyond the ordinary and mundane. There is a greater hunger for learning, but not of the rote kind–you want to expand your knowledge. This transit stimulates your curiosity or mental restlessness if you’re not feeding your interests.


Mercury enters your solar eighth house today, dear Gemini, where it will transit until January 8th, and the Sun will do so tomorrow. These influences spotlight your intimate life, attachments, mysteries, psychology, investigations, work on the self, and long-term strategies in the weeks ahead. You’re looking for deeper meanings or the hidden agenda. Mercury brings some objectivity to complicated and deep-rooted emotions and circumstances. Discussions can intensify quickly, yet you can detach yourself from topics enough to keep things rational, logical, and fair. However, the Moon spends the day in your solar tenth house, and you’re particularly focused on your goals and ambitions. Later today, you could feel a little caged in, but it’s a temporary feeling. Try to put worries about your past behind you so that you can better enjoy the present.


The Moon spends the day in your spirit sector, dear Cancer, and there can be a stronger need to escape the usual routine. The goal may be to refresh your spirit. Also today, Mercury moves into your opposite sign for a stay until January 8th. During this cycle, you’re more inclined to talk things through and make joint decisions. There can be fantastic opportunities to learn through your interactions with others. The idea is to look at areas of your life from a different perspective. This position could also mean that, at this stage, others have a lot to say or more input in your life. You have a stronger need for intellectual stimulation through others, and you seek out someone to share your ideas and decision-making processes.


Mercury enters your solar sixth house today, where it will transit until January 8th, dear Leo. You can become quite caught up in the details of your everyday life in the weeks ahead. You may be dissecting problems, working on solving tricky matters, and finding solutions to practical problems. Do watch for over-thinking and over-analyzing situations. You’ll do well for yourself if you put extra effort into organizing your space. Seek out information that improves your health, habits, and daily routines for best results now. The Sun will head into this same sector tomorrow, and a theme of work, health, habits, and routines is in the spotlight. Later today, new attractions and desires can abound but may not settle in for the long term.


Jupiter begins its transit of your work and health sector today, dear Virgo. Work can be more available to you or is especially rewarding in the months ahead. You might especially enjoy helping and supporting, and there will be plenty of opportunities to improve and enhance your life going forward. It can be a delightful period for taking care of your daily affairs with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. A vocation may seem to magically fall into place during this period, or you feel better about your chores and routines. The Sun and Mercury join forces today, and clarity may come to a home, family, or personal matter. This transit encourages meaningful ideas and conversations that might motivate you to push forward with domestic plans. You might clear the air about a past matter, discovering opportunities to put the negative elements of your life behind you.


Saturn has just moved into your sector of joy, dear Libra, and Jupiter does the same today. This Jupiter transit will be with you for a good part of 2021, encouraging you to find more fulfilling activities and ways to enjoy yourself. You might now get in touch with a desire or discover a new interest that can be the focus of your attention for some time into the future. Improvements are likely to recreation, romance, and creative expression. You get the chance to express yourself in unique ways or pursue hobbies and entertainment. Today can be mentally busy, and possibly quite illuminating! It’s a good idea to pay extra attention to details, news, and ideas presented now with the Sun and Mercury joining forces in your communications sector. You might realize or decide something, and it can feel satisfying!


Early today, tense aspects can lead to quick and perhaps poor choices if you’re not careful, dear Scorpio. It may not be easy or straightforward to harmonize your desires or impulses with your communications. You could be a little restless, with part of you craving emotional excitement but uncertainty about how to get it. The day advances more smoothly. Wonderful energy is with you for nurturing a creative project or special friendship with Venus in your sign connecting with Ceres in your sector of joy. As well, the Moon spends the day in your creativity sector, encouraging special attention to expressive, playful, and heart-centered activities. You could find yourself naturally gravitating towards positive situations and people, perhaps finding yourself exactly where you need to be at the right time.



Earlier today is good for entertainment and a playful, cooperative mood, dear Sagittarius, but you prefer not to idle as the day advances. A more purposeful mindset kicks in with the Moon’s move into your solar sixth house. You’re ready to put the work in with the Moon’s move into your work and health sector for a couple of days. You can quite enjoy yourself as you take care of things. It’s a fine day for easy productivity. As much as the urge to get cracking on duties, chores, work, or health routines is with you, there can be some doubts later today. You can quickly tire of anything that feels run-of-the-mill or lacking in magic and poetry at the moment with Mercury challenged. Look for creative solutions since it can be hard to focus on priorities if you have too many of them.



You’re inclined to keep to yourself early day, dear Capricorn, but grow into a desire to share or express yourself. Fortunately, you’re received well. You tend to seek more interaction with the Moon’s move into Taurus and your solar fifth house. The Moon transits a sector of the chart for only two to three days, but it can serve to remind you of important needs. This particular transit encourages attention to self-expression, creativity, fun, pleasure, and leisure or entertainment. More than usual, you’re emotionally invested in your heartfelt pursuits. Venus harmonizes with the Moon, Saturn, and Chiron, boosting your social confidence and your personal outlook. You could be itching to break out of your usual schedules and habits. Later today, your attention span may be short, so aim to avoid taking on too much. Take this time to understand yourself and your feelings, but avoid making big decisions now.



You’re in good shape for rounding out your understanding of things today, dear Aquarius. Today’s Sun-Chiron trine is useful for seeing things more holistically, particularly in your social life. Extra openness, sincerity, and warmth are themes in your friendships and communications. You’re likely to find support for your creative efforts, projects, and desires today. Your interactions with a partner, friends, or acquaintances are likely quite positive and inspiring. Ideas emerging now contribute to a dream or vision. Your goals and dreams seem more doable, and this lifts your spirits. Investing more of yourself in your projects and ideas can be exhilarating, filling you with a stronger sense of purpose. As the day advances, you’re in great shape for bringing more order to your world. You might learn new information that empowers you, particularly along professional lines. The use of strategy is especially important right now, as whatever comes up today tends to require extra thought and analysis, and it’s likely to benefit from a slow rollout.


With the Moon now in your solar fifth house for a couple of days, you’re paying more attention to the things you love, dear Pisces. Entertainment and activities that allow you to express yourself and your sense of fun are a stronger draw. More than usual, you recognize your emotional life, sense of independence, and needs for nurturance and special attention today. You have more confidence in your need for personal time, and energy flows particularly well for relationships and creative pursuits. A relationship develops as you share ideas. A person in your life may come through for you now, and this is helpful. Attention to strengthening ties with others and special projects in the present can do much for them down the road. Avoid rushing later today for best results.