Friday, April 23

Here is your horoscope for 2 April, 2020



With the Moon in your solar fourth house in the first part of the day, dear Aries, it’s best to enjoy some release of ambitions, tension, or pressure. The trick is to allow yourself the luxury! In the second half of the day, the Moon enters the area of your solar chart that rules joy, creativity, entertainment, and self-expression, highlighting your needs for these things. The day’s energies are rather stubborn, however, and you may have trouble adapting or deciding on which path to take or which urge to follow. You might also feel torn between personal interests and a commitment to someone, or vacillate between wanting to stand out and cooperate. You might need to rely on others who are not necessarily seeing eye to eye with you. While frustrating, interactions with them may end up revealing hidden desires.


This can be an active day for imaginative pursuits, dear Taurus. You can feel pleasantly busy in the first half of the day. However, as much as you’d love to keep the momentum going, it can be difficult to focus or concentrate, which is just fine if you’ve been working hard and now need to release tension. If not, be a little more vigilant than usual with details. In the second half of the day, you’re more inclined to want to concentrate on your home life or inner world. Inner frustrations can be triggered if there has been tension with your larger goals, career, or family. Fortunately, you can use this energy to your advantage — the desire to get over obstacles can prompt you to make changes. You might also feel torn between rest and work. It’s probably best to avoid making a big show of things now, but you can also learn something valuable from conflicts stimulated.


Today’s energies may challenge your need to simplify and take care of basics, dear Gemini, which can generate restlessness. The first half of the day is better for rest and comforting, emotionally-centering activities, although you may need to enforce these things since life seems to have other plans for you. As the day advances, you’ll feel readier to diversify. There can be a strong attraction to personal projects or passions, but also a compelling need to get things done. Rushing through your tasks could lead to mistakes and disagreements, and it may be best to get in better touch with your true desires before taking action. It can be quite difficult to relax until you face your frustrations. Fortunately, these influences also, ultimately, give you the opportunity. It’s a good time for putting your feelers out and gathering information.



Commitments or responsibilities seem to be at cross-purposes at times today, dear Cancer. You may not be certain if you want to go your own way or lean on others. Any resentments you’ve been nursing about boundaries, respect, money, or power dynamics, may now emerge. Physical and emotional attractions can be intense today. Still, it can be difficult to satisfy your desires without feeling torn, and it can be challenging to gain emotional satisfaction without the fear that you’re missing out. It can be a little tricky getting to the point of compromise, but it’s certainly not out of reach. Comfort needs assume special importance as the day advances. Watch for a tendency to self-pamper with overindulgence. Otherwise, put the extra effort into making your life more comfortable and enjoy the benefits of doing so.


While transits today can stir some restlessness, dear Leo, it’s best to avoid the temptation to overdo or overindulge. You could find yourself trying to please someone and, at the same time, striving for independence, which can lead to confusing situations or unnecessary frustration. You’re better off attempting to keep things even and smooth. The Moon moves into your sign later today, emphasizing your feeling nature and emotional needs. You might enjoy a sense of renewal, and life seems a little more colorful than usual. Still, moods can be up and down. Someone may seem like an instigator or can be pushing their agenda. Even so, you have something to learn about yourself through conflicts occurring now. If resentments have been building, they might emerge, and you can get over this hump.



You may be seeking a chance to unwind and treat yourself to light activities today, dear Virgo. It’s not an ambitious time in your mind, but outside disruptions are likely nevertheless. There can be push-pull energy, as you have much going on in your personal life. The Moon moves into the sign just behind yours later today, pointing to a need for reflection and a bit of anonymity before busier days ahead. Still, you might recognize that something has to give so that you can balance your life better, particularly when it comes to working and resting, or attending to physical needs and attending to emotional needs. As much as you’d like to escape your duties right now, you also recognize that your work or tasks will be waiting for you when you get back. Find ways to get chunks of peaceful moments.


There is some tendency to feel undecided or restless today as the Moon forms many oppositions, dear Libra. Your plate is full today, or it feels that way, and you can often feel torn between personal needs and responsibilities. Even though you have a lot going on, there is a temptation to pile on even more–an inclination that should be tamed as much as possible. Keep what you can control simple for best results since complications outside of your control are likely. Resentments or frustrations that have been building, particularly in your romantic or social life, can reach a boiling point later today. While you should wait out final decisions, acknowledge whatever feelings are coming to the surface today, even if they seem to be irrational, but keep in mind that you don’t have to act on them yet. Don’t allow others to push or goad you, but address problem areas bravely. The Moon’s move into your social sector points to a need for some emotional refreshment through light interactions.


With the Moon under opposition in your communications sector today, dear Scorpio, tensions arise from too many choices or too much information. There can be a tendency to take on too much or to feel pulled in different directions. Watch for getting lost in a sea of information with so many choices that you forget your priorities. The Moon later moves to the top of your solar chart. You might finally deal with a problem area, but getting to this point can be disruptive if you’re not aware of what’s happening. The results of conflicts can be exciting and stimulating, but possibly less than satisfying in the moment. Seek out a compromise between your personal needs and your responsibilities to others.


Today, it may be that if you want to treat yourself, streamlining is the route to take, dear Sagittarius, as it comes with less guilt and consequences. Focusing on your personal goals and values will do more for your happiness than too much focus on external signs of progress. Later today, the Moon moves into your sector of spirit and discovery, encouraging you to vary the routine. Still, concentration tends to break down, and decisiveness also suffers a little. The areas where you’ve been feeling frustrated or where you’ve been growing resentful can be triggered, and conflicts can result. Differences in opinion may figure strongly now. Feeling overloaded or impatient can lead to mistakes if you rush things. Tame tendencies towards stubbornness, as this gets you nowhere. Look instead for ways to make positive changes.



The Moon is in your opposing sign in the first half of the day, dear Capricorn, suggesting it’s best not to push yourself, anyone, or anything. There can be some tension between your desire for companionship and your urge for more freedom or independence today. It may be best to pay extra attention to a significant someone’s plans or needs. Taking the focus off your plans can release tension and can be rewarding. The Moon moves into your intimacy sector later today, encouraging a deeper focus on your feelings and desires. This inclination can clash somewhat with your urge to take care of business. A focus on complicated emotions can interfere with your productivity when keeping things simple and straightforward tends to serve your practical purposes better. Making room for both makes sense.



The day’s energies are such that if you try to push things, you can feel the resistance, dear Aquarius. You may be doing battle with yourself or others, and perhaps both, but the bottom line is that you’re challenged to see two sides of a situation. Impatience with the process and anxiousness for the reward can play with your mood. We’re inclined to take things very personally. Mars recently entered your sign, encouraging your independent, pioneering side, but later today’s Moon transit stimulates a strong need for companionship. While there are ways to satisfy both needs, getting to that balance may be challenging. Others can arouse defensiveness or combativeness in you. However, consider that they may be showing a side of yourself or your unmet needs through your interactions. Today doesn’t support ambitious or bold moves, so aim to take it easy and go with the flow, if possible. It may be best to conserve your energy for opportunity periods.


You could find that you’re running hot and cold today, dear Pisces. You may become aware of a competitor or an obstacle in your path, which can be very frustrating. As much as you’d like to take care of business and get things into order, the things you haven’t done or unsettled matters can interfere. Resentment of others can certainly emerge, and difficulties reaching an agreement are possible. Still, if you can tune out distractions and focus on your own priorities, it can be a fine time to get some chores out of the way. It can be particularly refreshing if you’ve been putting these things off. You want to be useful or productive later today with the Moon’s move into your work and health sector for a couple of days.