The Moon spends the day in your spirit sector, dear Aries, encouraging you to seek out a little more adventure, learning, or experience. You can feel quite drawn to activities that inspire and feed your energy today. Still, your ruler, Mars, has just moved into your professional and public sector, where it will influence until March 30th. You can fly on a professional level, and motivation is strong to perform, accomplish, and get things done in the weeks ahead. Structuring your time will be critical, but you will also benefit significantly from toughening up in some way, particularly as Mars gets closer to and then aligns with Pluto later in this cycle. This way, you can take care of business. While it’s certainly not the time to hide your light, it’s also a good idea to watch for stirring up unnecessary controversy, as it might come back to you in more challenging ways than you expect. Because you are more inclined to take shortcuts, there can be some mistakes to contend with, especially with Mercury retrograde until March 9th. Otherwise, it can be a time of satisfying bold moves and work. You are self-motivated and prefer to be your own boss right now.


There is good energy today for focusing on some of the intangibles and spiritual needs that you may have overlooked in recent days, dear Taurus. Mars has just moved into your adventure sector and will stick around there until March 30th, inspiring your enthusiasm and courage. You may be seeking more life experience or exciting, non-routine activities in the weeks ahead. At the same time, your appetite for learning can expand. With Mars now playing a more supportive role to your sign, you’re feeling more motivated and energized. It’s a good cycle for moving about more freely and independently with less in the way of resistance or opposition from others. With the right attitude, some obstacles drop away as well, or you are ready to take on a challenge. This can also be a time of greater interest in, or passion for, your ideas, beliefs, and projects. You can be holding onto your beliefs very firmly, which could mean more conflicts arising from differences of opinion.


The Moon spends the day in your partnership sector, dear Gemini, and your focus is quite social. Still, with Mars now in your intimacy sector until March 30th, instead of directly pursuing your desires, you tend to formulate strategies! Your desires themselves may seem more involved or complicated. You pay more attention to your deeper needs, spiritual regeneration, intimacy and sharing, personal power, how you share power with others, and your support systems. Still, if there have been problems brewing in these areas of your life, then Mars will now aggravate them, nudging you to do something to balance the scales. However, don’t allow issues of control and power, or jealousies and resentment, control you. Use this time to be as honest as you can with yourself. Know your limits! The weeks ahead are suitable for working behind the scenes, doing research, and developing plans. This can be an excellent time to take the lead or to take action in connection with shared finances, loans, or debts.


With Mars now in your partnership sector until March 30th, all kinds of lingering, hidden, or just-under-the-surface problems can emerge for your attention, dear Cancer. Relationship issues, grievances, and annoyances are bound to appear. On a positive note, you can experience a livelier, more passionate time in your relationships, becoming more active socially or in a partnership in the weeks ahead. This can be an exciting time for collaboration, but can also be a competitive period when you’re drawn to others but often get in one another’s way. It can be a time for correcting injustices and clearing the air. There can be frustration experienced if you feel that someone has the upper hand in your life, and you may need to draw some boundaries. The Moon spends another day in your solar sixth house, nevertheless, which keeps you quite focused on taking care of business. Distractions may interfere with this need/desire early day, but you can regain focus as the day advances.


Mars has just moved into your work and health sector, dear Leo, and will transit there until March 30th, bringing dynamic energy to your daily affairs. You’ll be raring to go on various work projects and daily routines, and life can become a little more hectic. This transit can also arouse impatience at times, and this means you’re better off setting your own pace when possible, or you may come into conflict with co-workers or with your methods. Particularly as Mars heads toward Pluto later in March, you can be quite motivated or feel compelled to pay more attention to daily routines, organization, health, and work. Work can be demanding, particularly if you are not in the position to take the lead or work independently. If you can set your own pace, it should be far easier to progress and thrive. Just as you shouldn’t demand too much of yourself, try not to expect others to match your pace. Enjoy your increasing motivation to pursue your passions. Today’s Moon transit, on the other hand, encourages you to enjoy and express yourself creatively.



The Moon spends another day in your home and family sector, dear Virgo, and you seek out more familiarity, comfort, and safety. However, you’re also part of a larger trend that finds you increasingly more outgoing. Mars has just moved into harmony with your Sun sign until March 30th, and is a supportive, helpful aspect. In a general sense, you may feel freer to move about and pursue your desires without too much interference or resistance. The major difficulty associated with this position involves looking too hard for–or being too dependent on–validation from others. If you keep this under control, you’ll find it a highly beneficial transit. You are more courageous with your creativity, love, and affection. You could also put more energy into pleasure, play, and pastimes. There may be a competitive spirit in your relationships or leisure time, which is gently motivating. You crave more satisfaction and action in these areas of life, and you’re willing to put in the effort to achieve these things.


The Moon spends the day in your communications sector, dear Libra, and you’re seeking mental stimulation. Still, you’re part of a larger trend that’s finding you increasingly more inwardly-focused. Mars has just moved into your home and family sector and in a challenging position relative to your sign, transiting here until March 30th. You’re likely to have more energy at your disposal for domestic projects or activities during this cycle. Life is more dynamic or animated in your personal life. Your instincts to protect are activated powerfully during this transit. You have more energy to invest in homemaking, house repairs, redecorating, or family activities, so take full advantage! Still, this is not the ideal position for Mars, as you may feel blocked or limited when it comes to going after your desires or asserting yourself directly at times during this cycle. It does have its purpose, and stirring things up in your emotional life can be useful for getting things out into the open. Problem-solving can only happen once issues are recognized! This is a “cleaning house” influence and can work both literally and figuratively.


The Moon spends the day in your resources sector, dear Scorpio, encouraging you to seek out some calm and steadiness. Still, you’re part of a larger cycle that’s making your life a whole lot more interactive. Mars has just started its transit of your solar third house, where it will influence until March 30th. There can be increased energy, animation, and activity surrounding communications, transportation, siblings, your neighborhood, and learning. You are more spontaneous when it comes to speaking your mind and communicating, and you can be super motivated to learn, explore your mental interests, and make connections. Watch for impatience with manual and mechanical tasks, and for pushing your ideas too hard. Considering that Mercury is retrograde for the first few weeks of this Mars transit, it’s best to be more mindful of how and what you’re communicating. Hastiness can bring on unnecessary challenges. As Mars moves closer to Pluto later in the cycle, you’ll be feeling even more ambitious, approaching mental tasks with more vigor and passion.


The Moon spends another day in your sign, dear Sagittarius, and you’re feeling open and connected, although a bit moody. Still, Mars has just moved out of your sign and into your resources sector, and you’re experiencing a larger trend that’s encouraging a more settled, steady pace to your life. You can be highly motivated to make money during this cycle that runs until March 30th, but at times, you prefer not to put in time bothering with details or worrying about the future. You more readily stand up for yourself if you feel that others are not seeing or respecting your worth and value. This Mars transit relieves some tension to push yourself and redirects some of your energies to pursuing emotional security. It’s an excellent time to build up your projects as well as your self-esteem! You may be seeking more control over your possessions, and you might work on developing your skills and talents. Competitive feelings may be behind some of this drive to better your position.


The Moon spends the day in your sign today, dear Sagittarius, amping up your emotions. It’s a complicated day with Mars changing signs and Mercury turning retrograde. Mars leaving your sign is good for winding down a little. Mercury is retrograde from today until March 9th, and some of the communications we take for granted seem to malfunction in minor and annoying ways. Keep things simple and definite today for best results, or choose to reserve judgment. In the coming weeks, there can be a shift in the way you see your world, particularly with household or family matters, communications, and transportation matters. Communications may require more sensitivity and clarity. Past errors or oversights may surface, or you could be returning to old plans and projects with a different perspective. Delays might motivate you to strengthen problem areas and consider issues that you may have overlooked the first time through. Reorganization in and around the home can be helpful, and so can looking to the past with new eyes.



The Moon spends another day in your social sector, dear Aquarius, stimulating a lighthearted, casual mood. Activities that bring emotional or spiritual rewards draw you in more than usual. Still, Mars has just begun its transit of your privacy sector, and you’re part of a larger trend that’s a more private, reflective time for you. It’s a significant period, lasting until March 30th, for reassessing the viability of recent projects and endeavors, and perhaps incubating new plans. You’re looking behind you before discovering where you’re heading! Much activity is happening behind the scenes or in your private life. You could be working on a plan to get rid of limiting, complicated, or stagnant connections, attitudes, and goals that have been clogging up your life. Carving out time for more relaxation or stress relief is vital in the weeks ahead.


The Moon spends another day at the top of your solar chart, dear Pisces, drawing out the more ambitious feelings and desires. You have a strong feel for your responsibilities again today. Mars has just begun its transit of your social sector, where it will influence until March 30th. This shift places Mars in a positive angle to your sign, supporting your energy levels. The tendency to take the lead with friends or in group settings is active in the weeks ahead. This transit also begins increased motivation to pursue your goals and dreams in concrete ways, particularly as Mars moves closer to Pluto later in the cycle. You tend to seek out activities with friends or the community, make dreams happen, and take care of the social side of your life. There could be the need to network, work with a team, or collaborate during this period. Involvement with friends can be energizing at times, and draining at other times if you don’t set limits.