Here is your horoscope for 16 Oct 2020


Tensions this week can prompt the need for a fresh start or brand new approach with partnerships, close connections, negotiations, and relationship goals, dear Aries. Today’s New Moon can help clear the slate. How you deal with others, negotiate, and compromise is transforming in ways that serve you better. You’ll be turning over a new leaf in your social life, and especially with a close connection. It may involve some conflict or clashing, but the goal is to get things out into the open and work on appreciating one another more often. You are challenged to find the right balance between partnership and independence. Reacting is easy, but learning from your experiences is the smart thing to do now. Your instincts are strong, but you need to act mindfully. Today’s energies are also good for seeing your life direction or career matters in a creative yet structured way. Ideas related to work or finances can be especially wise now. You are better able to see what is valuable and worth your effort, and what isn’t.


While frustrations with your routines, health, or work can magnify this week, dear Taurus, they also motivate you to make a fresh start. Today’s New Moon can bring a fresh start feel to your life. A sense of discouragement or disillusionment can lead to a strong desire to make improvements. You’ll pay special attention to getting things right, fixing errors, and sorting things out in the days ahead. It’s not the time to push something big. Instead, look at the details and get the smaller, essential jobs out of the way. This cycle is about getting on top of daily schedules and routines and taking better care of your everyday life. It’s important to pace yourself so that you don’t burn out quickly. It’s a good time to bump up a health pursuit, organize your affairs, and improve your skills or methods. There is wonderful energy for others noticing and appreciating you for your unique qualities today.


Today’s New Moon ushers in a new beginning with love, romance, creativity, pleasure, entertainment, or leisure, dear Gemini. There can be tensions stirred this week, particularly with friends, groups, or associates, and you’ll have to do some juggling. Even so, the central focus should be on getting your personal life in order. Innovative ideas can take seed now. You’ll want to start fresh, whether it’s with a project, approach, attitude, or relationship dynamics. There can be a new commitment to improving your outlook. You might enjoy a new artistic focus or renew interest in a hobby or creative activity. New opportunities or channels for expressing and enjoying yourself can open up to you. Today’s energies are also strong for getting into deeper touch with your inner needs and desires. It’s a good time to get your emotional bearings.


Mercury turns retrograde today, dear Cancer, and the Sun opposes Mars, contributing to a feeling of blockage. There could be false leads or poor instructions to deal with today, but if you aim to keep a spirit of fun and common sense, it can help. During Mercury’s retrograde until November 3rd, you’ll get the chance to see old problems in new ways. Matters surrounding romance, children, and creativity are most in focus in the first two weeks of the cycle. These areas may feel stagnant or stuck, but instead, it’s a period of review, catch-up, or rest. People or projects from the past can be an active focus. There can be waiting games, delays, or stalling, but giving due attention to what you’ve overlooked helps you move forward in a better place. A Sun-Mars transit can produce some conflicts. You can feel pulled in different directions today with demands on you overwhelming at times. Impulsiveness won’t move things forward — it will only serve to increase the chance of errors now. Be cautious when it comes to mixing personal and professional arenas, and consider ways to improve time management.


Disagreements can happen more easily today and early tomorrow, dear Leo, with tricky aspects involving Venus today and a Mars-Pluto square tomorrow. Issues right now may not be explicit or overt! There is a tendency to keep things to yourself or to gloss over problem areas, but tensions emerge regardless. Temporarily, it may not be easy to see your desires clearly as you may be fixating on what you don’t have or short-term goals that are not particularly satisfying. Venus is currently transiting your sector of money and values–a generally good omen for the material side of things. However, money worries are possible and may be useful if they prompt you to make adjustments. Instead, you might wrestle with whether to stick with tradition and familiar situations or to branch out. If a disagreement about a particular belief leaves you more than just mildly frustrated, consider whether it’s triggering something deeper. Working on the source of problems can be complicated now, but ultimately rewarding. Be patient.


The Moon spends the day in your solar ninth house, dear Virgo, stoking your curiosity and desire to discover. You may want to explore something new as you seek out a little more meaning. Pluto turns direct after over five months of retrograde motion. Your enthusiasm is likely to return for intellectual interests, hobbies, learning, studies, and creative projects in the weeks and months ahead. You’ve gained more insights into relationships, love, and your creative desires or pursuits, and you begin to see ways to apply them. Romantic feelings, personal interests and projects, and creative pursuits are life departments that get a nice forward boost now. Even so, this week, you might feel some pressure or worries along these lines as the shift happens. Things can temporarily feel overwhelming, but this is only your way of adjusting to the changes.


The Moon spends the day in your solar eighth house, dear Libra, and you continue to go within for some healing introspection. As much as you may want to now, it’s important not to rush a financial or intimate matter. Also today, Pluto ends its retrograde cycle that lasted over five months. The shift itself can feel a little dramatic, or you can feel pressure as it happens this week. However, things will soon take off, particularly in financial, domestic, and family matters. Your relationships with family and family roles are changing, and your determination to resolve challenges is building. Motivation and take-charge energy increases. Acknowledge the need to make changes and improvements for best results now, and own it! Home-related projects might unblock or gain momentum. Letting go of something that’s been dragging you down may be part of this energy.


The Moon continues its transit of your work and health sector, dear Scorpio, and you’re in good shape for taking care of details. Relationships and your social needs come into stronger focus as the day advances. It’s a good time of the lunar month for giving close relationships special attention. You’re seeking more balance and perhaps some feedback. It can be stimulating and rather straightforward to come to a nice you-me balance in your relationships today. Others appreciate your sincerity. A theme of cooperation, friendliness, and openness is with you, although it can be difficult to relax your mind later today. It may be best to avoid setting things in stone. Aim to take your time digesting everything before making conclusions.



Earlier today is good for entertainment and a playful, cooperative mood, dear Sagittarius, but you prefer not to idle as the day advances. A more purposeful mindset kicks in with the Moon’s move into your solar sixth house. You’re ready to put the work in with the Moon’s move into your work and health sector for a couple of days. You can quite enjoy yourself as you take care of things. It’s a fine day for easy productivity. As much as the urge to get cracking on duties, chores, work, or health routines is with you, there can be some doubts later today. You can quickly tire of anything that feels run-of-the-mill or lacking in magic and poetry at the moment with Mercury challenged. Look for creative solutions since it can be hard to focus on priorities if you have too many of them.



You’re inclined to keep to yourself early day, dear Capricorn, but grow into a desire to share or express yourself. Fortunately, you’re received well. You tend to seek more interaction with the Moon’s move into Taurus and your solar fifth house. The Moon transits a sector of the chart for only two to three days, but it can serve to remind you of important needs. This particular transit encourages attention to self-expression, creativity, fun, pleasure, and leisure or entertainment. More than usual, you’re emotionally invested in your heartfelt pursuits. Venus harmonizes with the Moon, Saturn, and Chiron, boosting your social confidence and your personal outlook. You could be itching to break out of your usual schedules and habits. Later today, your attention span may be short, so aim to avoid taking on too much. Take this time to understand yourself and your feelings, but avoid making big decisions now.



You can find yourself busy although not very focused as the Moon finishes up its transit of your communications sector today, dear Aquarius. The Moon then enters your solar fourth house, and you crave more quiet, calm, comfort, and familiarity. You’re in particularly good shape for bringing more balance to your domestic world, especially with help from Venus. Pleasurable, restful, and simple activities are tonics for you now. Finding your center is important at this point in the lunar month. Domestic issues tend to override other concerns as the day advances. Because you’re particularly sensitive to chaotic environments, a Mercury-Chiron aspect coming into play tonight can put a damper on your outlook temporarily. Letting go of a tendency to overthink can be hard to do, but worth the effort.


A practical frame of mind continues early day as the Moon finishes up its transit of your solar second house, dear Pisces. With this transit, you tend to prefer keeping things status quo, although the energy of yesterday’s Full Moon is stirring a desire to make improvements. As the day advances, things pick up pace with the Moon’s move into your communications sector. Venus has just begun its transit of your partnership sector, helping you attract helpful or pleasant connections. Today’s good for satisfying conversations and interesting ideas. You’re inclined to want to reach out. A bond might strengthen through sincere communication. It can be a time of making peace with someone. Mental disconnects or doubts later today can slow you down just a little, but you’ll benefit from doing so.

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