A significant idea or hunch can set you on a new path with today’s Solar Eclipse, dear Aries. You may see an old project or problem in a new light. From this insight, an original or recycled interest or pursuit may emerge. There can be helpful reflections about your past or tricky topics, and you’ll do well for yourself by reviewing recent decisions and allowing yourself to process and digest matters. This eclipse brings new energy or directions to learning, commuting, sharing, and communicating. New means of communication or transportation can figure strongly. Mind you, brand new launches are not advisable just yet, but this doesn’t mean you can’t consider new approaches or lay the groundwork for new launches later. Eclipse power is solid and long-lasting. You might rediscover an old interest or conclude that something you’ve been pursuing is no longer up your alley. This can be the beginning of new thinking on learning pursuits and projects–ideas now can spark a long-term venture. It’s a great time to learn something new, make contacts, and use the power of communications to move your goals forward. In the period ahead, you’ll discover new opportunities for learning and communicating or avenues for self-expression. You may experience an initial feeling of being overwhelmed or exhausted before energy is restored.


Seeing an old problem in a new light can lead to new beginnings with long-term potential, dear Taurus. Today’s Solar Eclipse brings your resources, including money, belongings, and talents, into the spotlight. Consider ways to improve your financial position and feelings of security. There can be substantial discoveries about your earning potential, attachments, and spending habits in the period ahead. If you’ve been holding on too tightly to a lifestyle or financial habits that haven’t been serving you well, you’ll recognize the need for a change. It’s certainly a time for approaching these things differently. Not everything is likely to make sense, as is often the case with new beginnings, but your intuition is telling you something! You may be recycling old ideas or discovering that a particular attitude or project no longer motivates you. You may find a lost item or even a forgotten source of income at this time. Consider that problems reaching a head and finding release today may get you over a hump. When it comes to money, business, valuables, talents, and personal possessions, pay close attention to ideas coming in now. Looking to the past for answers makes sense now, and can even be profitable. You stand to gain a fresh perspective on a recent choice or situation. Keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd, and brand new starts are not yet recommended. Until then, you can make a fresh start with works in progress with success now.


It’s an important time to pursue your personal goals, express yourself independently, and take care of your needs, dear Gemini. With today’s Solar Eclipse and inferior conjunction in your sign, you see recent decisions or plans in a new light. There is good energy with you for drawing upon the past for ideas and recycling them in improved ways going forward. The eclipse signals a time for embracing your independence and making your mark–you’re learning a lot about yourself now. While this lunation clears the path for new beginnings, it’s not yet easy to see your way. Ultimately it leads to a fresh start with how you approach and present yourself to the world, your personality, independence, health, and body image. You’re standing proud on your own two feet. It’s best to go slow, as this is a time when all the information you need may not yet be available. Consider that your words have more impact than usual, but the full picture isn’t yet revealed, so take your time. You may need to get over a few hurdles and make some refinements before moving forward with the ideas you have now, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t good or useful. In fact, they can be significant. Build up your health and resistance with rest if you’re feeling a little low–you can feel a little wiped out around the time of the eclipse before energy rebuilds. Going forward, people will build their faith in you, motivating you further to present the best version of yourself.


Today’s Solar Eclipse challenges you to start fresh with your attitude toward downtime, rest, recuperation, and attention to emotional or mental health, dear Cancer. Watch, however, for the traps of escapism and avoidance, which can lead to difficulties relaxing, unwinding, and perhaps sleeping, or a general sense that you’re behind or out of the loop. There could be a secret revealed, a eureka moment, or you could otherwise be seeing old problems or a past matter in a very revealing new light. You can be directing a lot of attention to past events and relationships, but this is a turning point that sets you on a new path. As you come to a new understanding of a past problem, you can move forward with less baggage. You can learn much about your needs, wants, and current path–ideas can come to you from within, from dreams, or from impressions, or a secret reveals itself, and discoveries can be rich. This eclipse encourages you to put certain outdated ventures or situations behind you. Buried or neglected issues can demand your attention, and working on these can pave the road to future success and happiness. Still, it’s a time of withdrawal and retreat in a social sense, soul-searching, and seeking emotional peace of mind.


The Solar Eclipse today stirs interest in your personal happiness and the people around you, dear Leo, as well as your standing and position with friends and groups. There might be some drama in your social life that shakes things up, or a renewed friendship is possible. What you communicate has more impact than usual, making it important to be mindful of how and what you’re saying/writing. You’re gathering valuable information from or through others, and it’s a powerful time for processing, reviewing, and rediscovering old interests, decisions, and ideas. A friend from the past may reappear in your life, or you could come to a new understanding of an old friendship. The insight you gain now helps pave the road to new beginnings and attitudes–you’re likely to go forward with a stronger sense of what you want from your connections. In the weeks ahead, you can be doing some delegating, collaborating, or calling on some assistance so that you have more time to focus on honing your craft or getting time for yourself.


You’re in perfect shape for reviewing recent business projects, decisions, or ideas these days, dear Virgo. Thinking about life direction and long-term goals in new ways can be fruitful, leading to significant new insights or plans. In addition, you might revive old projects and ideas, and while these things haven’t yet been fleshed out with all the details, you’re in great shape for working your magic on them. After today’s Solar Eclipse, you’re bound to approach your career, business plans, goals, or general life direction in a brand new way. A significant shift can occur with your work, reputation, or regarding leadership and management in the period ahead. Still, you’re looking back before your look forward, and it’s best not to push things now since misunderstandings or incomplete information can figure strongly temporarily. While this is not yet the time for making sweeping decisions, it’s an important time to better understand your goals and redefine your expectations to match them. You see a past situation in a new light, serving to clear the path for new beginnings later. There can be feelings of excitement or uneasiness, depending on how you handle change. Nevertheless, a sense of renewal and reinvigoration regarding your career goals is on the horizon.


Pay particular attention to new information and ideas coming to you now, dear Libra. There can be a new understanding of past matters that eventually fuels successful new plans and beginnings. Today’s Solar Eclipse encourages your spirit to grow, explore, and expand beyond your everyday, routine experiences. Events occurring in the period ahead can nudge you out of your routine and comfort zone. You can experience more passion about an idea, ideal, or course of study, and you can feel compelled to share your thoughts. This eclipse might motivate you to share a project with others, embark on a course, or participate in a horizon-expanding adventure. Fortunately, this energy sticks around for months ahead, so if you can’t manage it just yet, you have plenty of time to set things up. In truth, brand new beginnings are not advisable in the two weeks following this eclipse. For now, you can have unique insights into recent decisions that serve to change your perspective in significant ways, particularly related to learning and exploratory pursuits. Thoughts might turn to the past or to recent decisions and plans, but you’re looking at things in a very new light, which can be helpful. Eclipse days can be emotionally exhausting, after which energy and motivation slowly but surely rebuild. Try not to succumb to pressures to push something forward too soon, keeping in mind that the truth can too easily be stretched at this time.


Today’s Solar Eclipse can trigger the desire or need to start fresh, dear Scorpio. You may experience a feeling of discontent before you turn things around positively, but it’s a time for turning over a new leaf. The weeks ahead are powerful for making a lifestyle change or ending an unhealthy dependency. Watch for misunderstandings, deceptions, and self-deceptions, and aim to take your time with observations and new beginnings. It’s better to use this take-charge energy to make plans and strategies, saving the significant changes until later. Unique insight into an old relationship or your psyche can be helpful and enlightening. You could be coming to conclusions, or gaining clues, to a mystery or other investigation now. In fact, a new perspective on money matters or a close relationship can steer you on an improved course. Perhaps you recognize you’ve dwelled too much on a past relationship or problem, which has unnecessarily weighed you down. You are now feeling the need to move past it and move on. Consider that “truths” are still evolving, and there can be more to the story at a later date, so you may want to keep things open. It’s a time to work on yourself from the inside out, address dependencies and issues of support, or improve an intimate relationship. Energy levels can be unusually low around an eclipse, and they’re restored slowly but surely going forward.


Today’s Solar Eclipse is about starting fresh with one-to-one relationships, autonomy, and balance, dear Sagittarius. There can be a significant new beginning in a key relationship or a new mission related to companionship, relationship needs, and goals in the period ahead. You may look back before you push forward, and it’s best to take your time as it’s a foggy period for now. Counseling and advice can be in focus and helpful. There can be some illumination of a relationship matter, and it’s about looking at something (or someone) from the past in a new way. You won’t have all the facts or answers right now, but this is a time for some serious rethinking of matters. Conversations now can be pivotal ones, even if you don’t yet see their significance. A more vital awareness of the role someone plays in your life or the need for support and companionship may be in focus. When a Solar Eclipse happens, we are still symbolically in the dark, and it will take at least a few days before you begin to feel a direction taking hold. With Mercury retrograde until the 22nd, this should be extended further. Energy levels can plummet initially, and then they’re likely to rebuild slowly but surely.



With today’s Solar Eclipse clearing the path for lifestyle improvements, dear Capricorn, ideas or insights gained now can help direct you along these lines. You’ll be taking charge of your work, daily routines, self-care programs, and health. However, there is some need to review before you make a fresh start. You may want to breathe some new life into old routines, for example. Perhaps due to a dilemma, a reinvigoration process begins, whether it’s about taking better care of yourself or recommitting to a work project. Aim to be content to be out of step or anonymous, just for now, as this can help you in the long run since it allows you to observe and redirect plans. Be sure to pace yourself and don’t jump into something without thinking. A new direction will come, and you don’t have to push for it. Instead, you’ll feel the motivation and courage build slowly but surely, eventually reaching a point where you’re in charge and confident in what you’re doing.



To clear the way for a fresh start after today’s Solar Eclipse, dear Aquarius, you may need to take care of some unfinished business. Those projects or associations that have been holding you back from expressing your authentic, creative self may come under scrutiny. This eclipse can serve as a strong push to start anew regarding a romance, creative project, or the pursuit of joy and pleasure in your life. As you review old ideas, new perspectives can unveil. There could be a reconnection with an old friend that gets you thinking or viewing a past relationship in a new way. This helps set up the new, slate-clearing energy of this eclipse. It can also be a time for bringing back old hobbies and pastimes. Since this powerful New Moon occurs in your sector of romance, creative self-expression, recreation, children, and hobbies, events happening now and in the coming weeks set you up for new beginnings in one or more of these areas of life. You are likely to attract positive attention from others, especially romantically or creatively speaking. Allow the process to unfold, and keep in mind that eclipses can drain your energy temporarily.


If you’ve been undecided about a project launch, a move, or a personal change, dear Pisces, the energy of today’s Solar Eclipse can nudge you forward. However, take your time with brand new beginnings and aim to strategize and plan. Keep in mind that any backtracking you need to do now will contribute significantly to the strength of plans and future ventures. There can be some critical renovations and improvements in your home or with family relationships on the horizon. A fresh start may arise from a feeling of being in the dark or in limbo, necessitating a new approach. Whatever the reason, you’re starting anew with your home or personal life, family, or needs for nurture, comfort, and safety. It can involve excavating and looking to past patterns to better understand where you want to go. It’s time to assess what may have held you back from thriving, mainly related to your career and domestic world, and how you balance your time between them. The coming weeks are powerful for taking charge of your home life, attention to matters of security and safety, connecting with family and your own emotions. This eclipse can serve as a cosmic nudge to find your roots, learn your worth, build your sense of security, and focus on improving your support system or base of operations. There can be the need or desire to put your personal life first now, and changes may be afoot.