Wednesday, April 21

Here is your horoscope for 1 April, 2020



With today’s Mercury aspects, it can be all too easy to feel you should rush a decision, dear Aries, or argue a point that causes more trouble than it’s worth. Feelings of pressure are real, but you won’t do yourself or anyone favors if you push so hard that you can’t think clearly. Watch for speaking too quickly or too soon about a matter. Certainly, there can be impatience and disagreements, but these transits can also give you the push you needed to handle a problem. Watch for distractions that get in the way of not only your duties but also your peace of mind. Extra energy seems available on a mental level, and this is best applied to something productive. Otherwise, there could be tense interactions or an overactive mind. The Moon spends the day at the bottom of your solar chart, suggesting a bigger need for calm and security than usual.


Mercury’s minor challenging aspects today can point to a tendency to see the flaws more than the benefits of a given situation, dear Taurus. It can also lead you to jump to speech or conclusions too soon. Tensions may primarily revolve around opinions, commuting, and perspective. Dealing with minor inconveniences can leave little room to think clearly or to see the big picture. Somebody, or people in general, can grate on your nerves today, perhaps due to impatience, brusqueness, or aggressiveness. Differences of viewpoint aside, you may be onto something as you feel some pressure to solve problems or gain some peace of mind. The trick may be to channel the extra mental energy well. Sometimes getting to the point of being fed up can be just what you need, but it’s probably wise to sidestep needless arguments. Fortunately, the Moon transits in harmony with your sign, helping to improve comfort levels and perspective. Later today, energies feel more reasonable.


Circumstances may be such that you have more decision-making responsibility these days with Mercury at the top of your solar chart, dear Gemini. Today, Mercury’s minor challenging aspects suggest you may be dealing with more than the usual inconveniences, or with unwelcome advice and critique. It’s best to try not to take feedback too seriously if it’s delivered under strain, even if it’s contrary. There is a sense that you have to rush, be first, or get something done right away, when this may not, in actuality, be necessary. Ideally, these transits motivate you to put an irritating problem behind you. Otherwise, you could find your mind races or arguments that lead nowhere ensue. Try to do your part by avoiding offering an opinion too quickly. With the Moon’s transit of your resources sector, you are interested in practical applications and solutions. Your love life can get a boost through special attention.



With Mercury under minor strain today, dear Cancer, mental tension is likely. Others may be tense or critical, but it’s best not to put too much weight in statements made under stress or duress. With today’s aspects, the flaws of a situation seem far more prominent than its benefits, and if you don’t dwell, then this can help you find solutions and fix problems. The pace of the day can be a little chaotic, and there is a tendency to rush things. If rushing makes you skip steps, remind yourself if you truly need to push. It’s also best not to rush a conversation that requires more thoughtfulness. Use tension to your advantage by letting it motivate you to take care of business, but avoid impulsive moves. The Moon spends the day in your sign, stimulating a stronger need to feel emotionally awake and connected through your experiences.


The Moon spends the day in your privacy sector, dear Leo, and a personal time-out can do a world of good for you now. Even so, Mercury’s minor but tense aspects suggest some tendency for a racing mind. Aim to be easy on yourself and humble with others since these transits can stir up unhelpful criticism or brusqueness, perhaps most prominent in one-on-one settings. Jumping to conclusions is not likely to serve you well now, nor is being overly clinical in situations that require more tact or thoughtfulness. The tendency for mental hyperactivity rises as the day advances, making it easy to get into arguments. Still, it can also be a good time for solving a problem or pursuing a mental interest. Be sure to make time to decompress and rest both your body and mind.



Mercury’s minor stressful aspects today can point to some tendency to misjudge or misspeak, dear Virgo. There can be a real focus on flaws that can lead to useful edits, but perhaps also to misunderstandings or criticism. These aspects tend toward unnecessary tension, but they can work FOR you if you channel energy into something productive. Sometimes we need to get fed up about a situation to prompt an effective change. If a problem is out of your control, try to focus on those things you’re able to make right or take a break from overthinking before returning to problem areas. Consider that, at times, you can be too impatient for your own good today, and this can be particularly apparent in a partnership or with your work/chores, which you tend to rush. However, this can be a strong time for mental energy, so selecting activities that require a tough mind makes sense now.


Today’s Mercury-Saturn influence suggests that it’s probably better to focus on editing and fixing problems than pushing the envelope, dear Libra. However, a Mercury-Mars aspect can do a good job of convincing you that you need to rush! The result can be unnecessary and unproductive tension. Ideally, tension can be channeled into constructive channels. Sometimes, a tough look at a situation can motivate you to make important changes, and this may be the case today. Still, double-check your communications for best results now. Fears or insecurities can skew conversations to complaints or criticisms and thoughts to negative places. There can be some tensions or conflicts, particularly if you’re juggling work and relationships, or your work and social life are spilling over into each other. Be careful not to criticize someone during the process of trying to sort things out. The Moon’s transit of your solar tenth house makes it easy and natural to tap into your ambitions and take the lead.


Look for ways to make improvements if faced with blocks today, dear Scorpio. There can be some disagreements, likely due to rushing and impatience, with Mercury under minor strain. With current influences, it can seem that if you’re acting independently, others are drawn to you, but if you’re seeking them, they are not available. It can also be all too easy to criticize or argue today. Or, there can be so much to think about and organize in your brain that you can’t seem to settle in and relax. Impatience can lead to disagreements or irritability. There can be combative energy that is better applied to work than it is to relationships. It may be a good idea to use mental tension to plow through something that requires a thick skin, but avoid rushing things that need special handling. The Moon spends the day in a companion sign, which can help turn your attention to mood-lifters.


There can be bothersome yet valuable reminders of what’s not working for you today, dear Sagittarius, with Mercury forming minor challenging aspects. The flaws or challenges seem more prominent than the benefits temporarily, but this can push you to make a necessary change or improvement. People seem to be more abrupt or critical than usual with these transits. It may be best to avoid pushing something that you can’t change and allow for unexpected changes that are out of your control. Despite a busy pace, you may not feel particularly productive if you’re doing things in a scattered way. Avoid jumping to conclusions, as it can be easy to miss important details today. Still, the Moon spends the day in your solar eighth house, encouraging a stronger need for strategy in your life. It may be better to observe and plan than jump in and act just for now.



Mars leaves your sign today, dear Capricorn, and moves into your resources sector for just over six weeks. While Mars in your sign in the past weeks has helped motivate you, this new cycle takes some of the pressure off. Focus turns to matters of security, including business and financial concerns. This cycle can push you to take better care of your valuables and finances, but it’s also a strong period for building confidence in your worth or value. Self-esteem issues can be handled with more self-honesty. If you feel that you’ve been undervaluing yourself or your talents, then this is the time to make things right. The less positive sides to this transit can come with impulsive moves with money or resources. Building for the future is a driving force until May 12th, and developing your talents can be a happy, productive focus.



Mars moves into your sign today, dear Aquarius, and your personal plans and independence come into stronger focus. You are more assertive and forthright. Special attention to your plans and projects can be important during this cycle that lasts until May 12th. This transit can feel like a nice rush, although it can overstimulate you at times, particularly if you don’t have a goal to strive toward. It’s also a good time for learning pursuits and communications. You can be excited about your projects and personal interests, making happy connections through these things. This transit draws out the fire and dynamism in your personality. Patience may not be your strong suit, so that if you take on new challenges, it may be best that they’re not intricate tasks. This is a great time to tackle projects that you’ve let slide and direct your considerable energy into useful endeavors–you’re pursuing your goals with passion and heart. Today and tomorrow, responsibilities or roadblocks are in focus. You’re reminded to take better care of yourself, follow the rules, be thorough, and take matters step by step so that you get things right.


Your need for solitude and time to yourself increases now as Mars begins transiting your solar twelfth house today and until May 12th, dear Pisces. The need for rest and recuperation comes to the forefront, and you may need more time to sort things out and reorient yourself as a two-year energy cycle is nearing an end. Preparing for new beginnings may be more about tying up loose ends or taking some time to figure out your next step or direction. Your energy levels can be at a low, or they can fluctuate during this cycle. In general, this is a time for recharging your energy reserves or for handling matters that have been lingering and that you don’t want to take with you going forward. It’s a period for research and reflection, incubating new plans rather than going full-speed ahead with new ventures. Today, the Moon spends the day in your home and family sector — another reason to take things easy. It’s wise to take into account what you want to accomplish down the road and avoid pushing something too fast.