A class 12th student from Gujarat’s Vadodara has set an example for the youth by recycling scrap cycles to make a solar bicycle.

Neil Shah, a class 12th student of Science stream at the Zenith School, Vadodara said, “From the very beginning, I was very interested in Science stream and my teacher gave me a project as he wanted to test my ability.”

“He told me to create a solar bicycle because the fuel prices are increasing. So I began my own research and started implementing the ideas. I needed a bicycle for the project but due to poor financial condition, I bought a scrap bicycle for Rs 300 only,” he added.

Neil said that he also met a bicycle mechanic to grab some knowledge about it and then finally, he created a solar bicycle.

“When I told my teacher about this creation, he was also surprised. This bicycle runs up to 15 kilometres on a single charge and runs at a speed of 40 kilometres per hour,” he added.

His teacher, Santosh Kaushik expressed his happiness about Neil’s creation and told about his dedication towards research. “When Neil was in Class 10, he used to bring the queries which belong to higher standards. I recognised his talent and gave him the challenge of creating a solar bicycle in class 12. He accepted the challenge and completed it very well,” Kaushik said.

Further, Kaushik said, “Neil is a very talented and dedicated student. If students like him get support, then they can do very well for the country,” he added. (ANI)