Google Meet gets background blur, improved auto and tiled layout options


Google is rolling out a set of new features for Meet users. The latest set includes background blur and the ability to see up to 49 people simultaneously. Google had previewed these features last month as a part of a series of new features scheduled for Google Meet.

First up is the group setting. Google Meet will now allow users to see up to 49 people in a conference. This can be done through the auto and tiled modes. According to 9to5Google, users will have to manually enable the larger view as the default view for auto is up to 9 people and 16 in the tile.

“With this launch, you’ll also be able to use a slider to adjust the number of tiles you see. You may want to increase the maximum when you have a large group or reduce the number of tiles if you have a weak internet connection,” Google said in a post.

You can change modes to control your view setting
You can change modes to control your view setting (Google)

“Note that the slider adjustments are specific to each meeting, it will reset between each meeting and you can then customize each time. You may also see fewer tiles depending on your window size, as the tiles available will adjust to fit your screen,” it added.

This feature will be available to both G Suite and personal users in the coming weeks.

Next is the background blur. Inspired by Zoom’s background blur feature, it can be activated through a new icon which will appear at the bottom right corner of your screen.

You can enable the background to blur before or during a video call. The feature will be first available to Chrome for Mac and Windows users. Chrome OS and mobile app support will be available very soon.