Google Maps starts showing Covid-19 containment zones in Mumbai


Late last month Google announced that it has introduced a new layer in its Google Maps app that will show Covid-19 case trends in the area around you. At that time, it wasn’t revealed where and when this feature will roll out. Now, the search giant has rolled out this feature for those residing in Mumbai. This means users in Mumbai can now see COVID-19 containment zones across the city in their Google Maps app. Also mentioned is that demarcated zones will be displayed via a shaded grey area.

To provide this information, the search giant says it is working with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and will be updating the data regularly.

When a user zooms out to view an entire state, the new layer will show the number of new Covid-19 cases (a 7-day average) indicated per 100,000 users. It will also show the trend in the number of cases in that state. This feature will cover all Indian states, and is also available in several other regions globally.

“As people and businesses emerge from the lockdown, access to clear information about COVID-19 containment zones as recommended by the authorities in Mumbai will enable users to make better decisions as they move around the city. This new feature strengthens our commitment towards working closely with the government to disseminate helpful, authoritative, and relevant information for people during the pandemic,” said Google spokesperson.

Meanwhile, the firm has also now show landmarks soon to help orient you better. With Live View, you can hold your phone up and see visual overlays over the real world as it is captured through your smartphone’s camera viewfinder.

The biggest addition to this lot is the ability to see visual cues corresponding to notable landmarks in your field of view. This comes along with information about how far away a landmark might be from you and how to get there. This feature is yet to show up for Indians.

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