Former chief minister of Punjab Prakash Singh Badal on Thursday blamed the Charanjit Singh Channi-led Punjab government for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s security breach when the PM was on his way to Ferozpur for a rally on Wednesday.

Badal said, “Today’s government is incompetent. Even when a bomb exploded in Punjab, they were fighting among themselves. Each and everybody was giving different statements. Sidhu was giving his own statement. Even in a game, when you don’t work as a team, you can never win. We see there is no teamwork in Congress. They don’t want to see each other. What can they give to Punjab in this situation?”

“See, like a coin, it is also having two sides of the same story. Here there are two-three sides. Firstly, there should be no obstacle during PM’s visit. Secondly, there was no gathering at the spot. It should have been there in any of the PM visits. Apart from that, the people don’t want this party, because they have not done good to the farmers,” said Prakash Singh Badal.

When asked about PM security, he said that every state has its own different government. In a state where the PM visits, it is the responsibility of the state to ensure safety of the Prime Minister. “Even the Chief Minister has to receive the PM,” added the former CM.
On Governor rule in Punjab, Badal said that they have asked for a report. Let’s see, he added. (ANI)