Ending the pandemic trade ban, North Korea and China resumed cross-border rail freight shipments on Monday, a media report said.

Businesses are booming as the trains are once again moving from Dandong, China, across the Yalu River border to Sinuiju, North Korea, said Radio Free Asia (RFA).

An official working at a trade agency in Sinuiju’s surrounding North Pyongan province said that trading companies have been busy transporting various materials to the Sinuiju and Uiju areas to prepare them for export to China since the end of October.

Further, the official said that they are also drawing up contracts with their Chinese counterparts for materials to be imported from China.

China had accounted for more than 90 per cent of North Korea’s annual international trade prior to the closure of the Sino-Korean border in January 2020.
The commercial activity was dried up in North Korean towns due to sudden stoppage in trade. (ANI)