Thursday, April 22

Doctor Dreams by Nikamal will ensure a happy sleep every single night


The work from home culture has brought with it several unforeseen challenges, one of which is bad posture due to a sedentary lifestyle.
With movement now just being limited to a few feet within the house, stiff shoulders and numb lower backs are even more common and far more consistent. And what’s more? Even if one, somehow managed to avoid these issues, sleep quality is still bound to get affected due to several unavoidable hours of blue light exposure from laptops and mobile phones.

Thankfully, Doctor Dreams by Nilkamal is here to help!

In their recent campaign, launched around World Sleep Day, Doctor Dreams intends to educate consumers about the importance of choosing the right mattress to ensure a healthy sleep schedule. The brand attempts to entertain its customers, while simultaneously educating them on what makes the perfect mattress. The campaign cleverly highligts the advanced features of Doctor Dreams mattresses through a humourous banter between Doctor Dreams mattress and Regular mattress.

From an innovative layer of cooling gel to distribute and regulate body temperature, to CNC cut PU foam that rebounds to its original shape effortlessly even after years of use, Doctor Dreams mattresses offer a variety of benefits making it the #MattressEveryMattressWantsToBe.

“At Doctor Dreams we thrive to deliver the best sleep solution to our consumers. Backed by immense research and technology, our mattresses combine comfort with modern day convenience. With our new campaign that coincides with World Sleep Day, we have attempted to entertain our customers while simultaneously educating them on what makes the perfect mattress. We are positive this campaign will connect with our audience,” said Pinaki Gupta, General Manager – Marketing, Nilkamal Ltd.

The multi-layered mattress also features a top layer of memory foam that sculpts to the shape of a spine, to provide adequate support irrespective of the sleeping position. An average person will spend over 12,000 days in bed, either sleeping or trying to fall asleep. It’s best then, that such a huge amount of time not be wasted sleeping incorrectly!
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“The films have a perfect mix of humor and tight branding elements in it. I’m sure this will definitely build purchase intent for the consumers. The campaign has the potential to create a strong top of the mind recall and we feel extremely fortunate to plan and execute these films,” said Shantanu Mulay, National Business Head – Creative, Interactive Avenues.

Mattresses are an extremely crucial element of home furnishing. One that, unlike many others, have long-lasting physical ramifications if not selected correctly. Despite this, they are unfortunately taken for granted by many. Nilkamal looks to change that by raising awareness through the several short films in its campaign, each of which is worth viewing, for the information alone!
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Doctor Dreams – ‘Happy Sleep, Delivered!’