The associations of auto drivers, who have been protesting against the continuous rise in the price of CNG, will hold a protest outside the Delhi Secretariat on April 11.

They also plan to go on indefinite strike from April 18 if a subsidy of Rs 35 is not given to them.
At present, there are 95,000 autos plying in Delhi.

Rajendra Soni, Delhi Auto Rickshaw Sangh’s general secretary, while speaking to ANI said, “At 12 pm we will start protesting against the CNG hike outside the Delhi Secretariat. We are demanding a subsidy of Rs 35 from the Delhi government as we don’t want to burden our passengers. If the government listens to us then it’s fine else from April 18 onward taxis, and autos will go on indefinite strike.”

He also said the Delhi government has not held any meetings with any of the unions since the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) came into power.

The auto associations are also planning to rope in associations from the NCR to take part in the protest.

CNG in the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi now costs Rs 69.11 per kg.

Vikas, an auto driver said, “We do not know how we will survive. Are we considered human beings at all? Other than the rent everything is increasing like fire. Now schools have started functioning and each day kids need school uniforms, books where will we bring them from? Won’t our children study? The Government must think about it.”

Another auto driver Anis said that they have never experienced a crisis like this before.
“Rs 400 daily rent, Rs 300 CNG what is left for us to survive on? We are experiencing a crisis like this for the first time. We want relief else surviving would be tough.”

The country has been witnessing a rise in the prices of petrol, diesel, and CNG. (ANI)