Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader and former Lok Sabha MP Hannan Mollah on Thursday slammed Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma for his remark on the marriages of Muslims.

Mollah said, “Assam CM is becoming the Paigambar (religious leader), not Chief Minister. Every day he is giving advice on different religions.”

He further said that the chief minister is only dividing people and serving a political purpose.

“If you want to get it done, you should make law and people will face it but why you are only giving a statement and dividing people. It will only serve a political purpose. It has nothing to do with the national interest,” he added.

Sarma while advocating for an equal share of the property for the wife, also batted for the marriage of a Muslim man with one woman instead of three. Sarma also called for a legal divorce in the community instead of giving ‘Talaq’.

“Assam government is very clear that no Muslim man should marry three women. Don’t give Talaq, give divorce legally. An equal share of the property should be given to daughters like sons. Give 50 per cent share of the property to the wife. Views of the government and the common Muslims are the same,” he said during a press conference on Wednesday.

The chief minister also gave credit to PM Modi for the reduction in “discrimination against students of the northeast”, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has said the progress took place due to the PM’s outreach to the region in the last few years.

“If you look at the last 2-3 years, because of PM Modi’s huge outreach to the northeast now racial discrimination against students of the northeast has suddenly gone down to a huge extent,” Sarma said. (ANI)