Friday, February 26

Covid-19 test report must for Uttarakhand MLAs to attend upcoming assembly session


Uttarakhand MLAs will have to mandatorily carry Covid-19 negative test reports with them to attend the upcoming three-day assembly session from December 21-23, assembly Speaker Premchand Agarwal said.

Agarwal announced the rule while inspecting the arrangements being made in the assembly for the session on Wednesday.

“Considering the ongoing pandemic, all the members of the assembly would have to mandatorily carry a negative report of a Covid-19 test so as to attend the session. Without it, nobody will be allowed to enter the House,” said Agarwal.

He informed that there would also be a medical team at the entrance of the House to conduct a Rapid Antigen test for the members.

“All the members are requested to undergo a test beforehand with a report having validity of 72 hours,” Agarwal said.

He also informed that all the members would be attending the session in person unlike during the previous one-day session in which about 24 members opted to attend virtually.

“This time as all the members have opted to attend it by being present in the House, no arrangements will be made to attend it virtually. Appropriate sitting arrangements have been made with social distancing for the members,” Agarwal said.

During the three-day session, the Uttarakhand government will also present the state’s supplementary budget of Rs 4,096 crore.

A Cabinet minister speaking on condition of anonymity citing the norm of not revealing details regarding the policy before any upcoming session said, “During the three-day session, a supplementary budget of Rs 4,096 crore would be tabled. Apart from that, the government would also answer about 468 questions received so far by the House to be taken up in the session.”