The Coronavirus in China has once again started spreading. New cases seem to be on the rise there. Due to this, the Chinese government has come under tighter and several strict steps have been taken. Flights are being cancelled, schools are closing in many areas and some places are also feeling lockdown again.

It is learnt that the infection of coronavirus is spreading rapidly in China’s north and northwest cities. Some passengers from outside are said to be responsible for this outbreak. For now, the administration has started taking stringent steps. Corona testing is being carried out heavily, tourist spots have been closed, entertainment venues have also been locked in transitional locations and lockdowns have also been reported in some areas.

In China’s Lanzhou region, people have been instructed not to leave their homes. If there is no necessary work, people have been appealed to stay at home. Those who are also exiting are being asked to show the negative report of the corona. In such a situation, the rules have been tightened and action is also being taken if it is not followed. China has been accused of spreading corona around the world, and now that the corona is weakening all over the world, China is experiencing its havoc again. (Newstracklive)