Union Minister Anurag Thakur on Thursday said that the youth and state governments will have to come forward to make ‘Nasha Mukt Bharat’.
Thakur said that all will have to collectively fight against the menace of drugs.
While addressing youth in a program organized by the students of Hamirpur Students Association at Himachal Pradesh University he said that youth will have to take steps to eradicate the drugs from the state and country.

“I wanted to appeal to them for a Drug-free India, Drug-free Himachal and Drug-Free Hamirpur,” said the union minister.
“I am happy that the youth wants to make Himachal drug free and their response was very good. I would appeal to all families and the government to work to shun the drug. The Prime Minister of India is working to promote sports and against drugs to make drug free India. Our government is also taking strict action against those who are involved in the sale and supply of drugs,” the BJP leader said.
“If the state governments also come forward we will be able to curb the kingpin to the small dealers involved in the drug supply. The Prime Minister has given five resolutions to the youth. I have appealed to the youth to focus on the single agenda and work for nation-building and for society.” Thakur added further. (ANI)