The BJP’s West Bengal chief Sukanta Majumdar alleged that some tribal women, who had joined the party, were forced by the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) to perform a ‘dandavat parikrama’ as punishment and were forced to rejoin the state’s ruling party.
“TMC did everything to insult them (Tribal community). I appeal to all people of the tribal community across the nation to protest against the party as they are anti-tribal,” Majumdar said.

The BJP state chief shared a video on Twitter in which three women can be seen performing ‘dandavat parikrama’.
“Martina Kisku, Shiuli Mardi, Thakran Soren and Malati Murmu, residents of Tapan Gofanagar, Tapan, joined the BJP yesterday. They belong to the ST community. Today, TMC goons forced them to return to the ruling party and punished them by asking to do a Dandavat Parikrama,” tweeted Majumdar
“TMC has time and again insulted tribal people. This takes it even higher. This is highly condemnable. We firmly stand with our karyakartas and will do everything to protect them,” he added.
Earlier on Sunday, clashes erupted during the BJP’s Shobha Yatra (procession) in Hooghly. The state government later issued prohibitory orders and also suspended internet services across the district.
Notably, violent clashes erupted in West Bengal’s Howrah during a Ram Navami procession.
Last week, several vehicles were set on fire after two groups clashed in Howrah amid Ram Navami celebrations. During the procession, the rioters vandalised public and private properties while setting vehicles on fire.
Following the violence in Howrah, the West Bengal government on March 31 handed over the probe to Criminal Investigation Department (CID). A special team led by Inspector General of Police, CID Sunil Choudhury initiated the investigation. (ANI)