On Thursday, a sub-branch of the Munak Canal sustained a breach, in the Bawana region of North Delhi.

Munak Canal, which is a part of the Western Yamuna Canal, got its Career Lined Channel (CLC) that runs into Bawana broke, leading to floods in nearby areas.

Taking to X, Delhi’s Water Minister Atishi said, “Today early morning, there has been a breach in one of the sub-branches of Munak Canal. Delhi Jal Board is working in close coordination with the Haryana Irrigation Department, who maintain the Munak Canal. Water has been diverted to the other sub-branch of the canal. Repair work has already started and will be completed by this afternoon. The breached sub-branch of the canal will be functional from tomorrow.”

Inspecting the situation, Delhi Flood Control Minister and Aam Aadmi Party Leader Saurabh Bharadwaj said that they got the information of the embankment being broken in the night. He also asked the Chief Engineer of the Flood Department to go there to help the officials of the Delhi Jal Board.

“CLC (career lined channel) comes into Bawana that carries water from Haryana. We got this information about the embankment being broken in the night. Delhi Jal Board officials are there. I have asked the chief engineer of the Flood Department to go there and if the Flood Department can help the Jal Board in any way, we will do that,” Bharadwaj said.

Alam, a resident of the JJ Colony, said that the water had entered every block of the colony and the administration was not making much effort to maintain the flow.

“Water has entered almost every block of the JJ Colony. The barrage of the Munak canal broke at approximately midnight. The administration, especially the irrigation department, isn’t making enough effort to stop the flow… The local leader came to see, but nothing has happened so far that should have been,” he said.

Speaking on the preparedness of the Flood Department, Saurabh Bharadwaj said, “Last time, the level of Yamuna rose so much that it broke the barrage here and entered the city. The flood department is prepared well this year. New machinery is being put up, and an embankment of rocks is there that is 5 metres wide… I hope that the water of Yamuna won’t enter the city this year.” (ANI)