Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Wednesday inaugurated an Army Fair being organised at MVM ground in the state capital Bhopal.
CM Chouhan welcomed the army officers and extended thanks to them for choosing Bhopal.
Addressing the program CM Chouhan said, “Today is a proud day for Madhya Pradesh and Bhopal that the army is organising their own military fair here. We live in a country where it is said that the whole world is our family. Today I am proud to say that the Indian Army is one of the most powerful and capable forces in the world.”
“We are safe here because our brave soldiers guard the borders even in the hot summer of May and June in 48-50 degree celsius temperature. Whether it is 50 degrees, or -40 degrees in Leh Ladhak, our jawans guard the borders non-stop,” Chouhan said, adding that he salutes the valour of the Army, Navy and Air Force. He also salutes their bravery and their dedication.
“We also say that religion should live and unrighteousness should be destroyed. Our army works to protect religion. There should be harmony among the creatures and there should be the welfare of the world. This is what our army does,” the CM said.
He added, “Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi says that we will not tease anyone, but if someone teases us, we will not spare him. Whether it was the war of 1965 or 1971, when Pakistan dared, our army taught them a lesson. When Pakistan dared to land its nefarious steps on our country, our brave soldiers led surgical and air strikes and killed them.”
China also dared, then our soldiers threw Chinese soldiers back by breaking their necks and India soldiers showed their world that they are not less than anyone, he added.

The Chief Minister further said, “We celebrate Holi, Diwali, Dussehra peacefully, live with family but our soldiers are the ones who stay away from their families and serve for the nation. While guarding the border, they also give their sacrifice facing the enemies. I took information a few years ago that after independence 30,000 soldiers have given their martyrdom.”
Indian Colonels, Generals, Captains, Lieutenants and Jawans never got shot in the back, they always got shot in the chest. We built a Shaurya Smarak in Bhopal in their memory. It is a symbol of the valour of the army. He would like to tell the children that they must visit the Shaurya Smarak, Chouhan said.
If we get some tanks and weapons for the Shaurya Smarak, we will decorate it in such a way that after seeing it once, one could get the full introduction of the valour of the army, he added.
“We all feel proud of our army. God forbid that someone has to give martyrdom. But if it happens so, Madhya Pradesh has decided that we show respect to him by giving an honour amount of Rs 1 crore to the family. We install their statue, name a road or an institution after them and provide one of their family members a government job,” the CM said.
All three forces (Army, Navy, Airforce) have carved a niche in the world, the country is safe in their hands today. Not only security, whenever there is a crisis somewhere in the world, our forces also reach first to serve, Chouhan said.
He further said, “Till now we used to import all the weapons across the world, but under the leadership of PM Modi, we are becoming self-sufficient in the matter of weapons.”
“I once again salute our army, salute the army officers and thank them for choosing Bhopal for their conference. Everyone is welcomed here. Tomorrow Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will come and PM Modi will also visit here on April 1,” he added. (ANI)