A man from Uttar Pradesh was arrested for allegedly stealing money from ATMs in Kochi, police said on Friday.

The accused has been identified as Mubarak. the police said.

During the investigation, police discovered that the accused had used a fiber device in various South Indian Bank ATMs to steal money from about 140 ATM transactions.

The complaint has been registered after the accused allegedly stole Rs 25000 via seven transactions.

Speaking to ANI, S Sasidharan, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Kochi City said, “A complaint was made that some persons were unsuccessful in getting cash from the Kalamassery South Indian Bank ATM since the cash was deducted from their accounts instead.”

“The account holders complained to the bank’s management. According to the bank’s CCTV footage, the accused entered and grabbed the money after the customer attempted to withdraw it but was unsuccessful,” Sasidharan said.

The accused accomplished this using a fiber item. The accused was placing this object inside the ATM before an account holder comes. The object that holds the money comes out of the ATM, police said.

“He reportedly participated in similar acts in Uttar Pradesh as well. These items are carefully examined. He admitted that since August 18 he has been robbing ATMs in Kerala. Further research ought to be done on this as well,” DCP said. (ANI)