Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai requested Lockheed Martin Company to take up its expansion in Bengaluru and the state government is ready to extend full cooperation to the company.

Speaking at the annual supplier conference of the company here on Wednesday, the Chief Minister said, “Lockheed company has carved a niche in the field of security service and aerospace and has been providing solutions to all the problems in its sectors. This is one of the most experienced companies having its supply network across the globe.”

Bommai said the company has been functioning in Bengaluru for the last 25 years and adopted modern technology in supply networks for small units to major industries.

“It has always evinced a keen interest in expansion and has made a strong presence in the field of electrical, mechanical, electronics and Artificial Intelligence,” he said.

Talking about India’s position in the aerospace and manufacturing sector, the Chief Minister said, “Software is very important in any system thanks to digitalization in all fields. While finding solutions to many new challenges in the digital field, the company and suppliers are helping to reach the global standard. Due to mutual coordination among Lockheed and suppliers has helped India to retain its position in the world map in the field of aerospace and manufacturing sector,” he said.

“India is a developing nation blessed with a progressive economy. The Lockheed Company which has the latest technology and skilled human resources is located in Bengaluru,” the Chief Minister said.

He further added that the state government aims to provide the best service and environment to industrialists. (ANI)