Senior Karnataka Congress leader BK Hariprasad stoked a controversy by using derogating remarks against party MLAs who joined BJP.

Slamming state minister Anand Singh and other turncoats for switching parties, Leader of the Opposition in Karnataka Legislative Council Hariprasad compared them with “prostitutes”.

Singh quit Congress in 2019 to join the BJP. He was among the 17 MLAs of the then Congress and JD(S)-led coalition government in Karnataka who resigned from the party and crossed over to the BJP.

“When you didn’t give a clear mandate, we formed a coalition govt. We call by different names a woman who sells her body for food, we call her a prostitute. I leave it to you what you’ll call MLAs who sold themselves. Teach a lesson to local MLA in polls,” Hariprasad said during a public meeting in Hosapete.

“You have to teach a lesson to the local MLA who sold everything including his self-respect,” he said while referring to Anand Singh.

While talking to ANI, BJP leader S Prakash said, “they should not use such low-level words, few days ago, the Congress party compared the CM to a dog, now calling BJP MLAs “prostitutes” shows their culture.”

“Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is claiming that Congress will share the love. Congress leaders give this kind of statement in Karnataka, so I wonder what Rahul Gandhi will say to this,” Prakash added. (ANI)