Amid the resurgence of COVID-19 in China lately, Chinese tourists are rushing to Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. This comes at a time when the Chinese authorities have banned tourism in the areas outside Tibet, reported Radio Free Asia.

China re-imposed fresh lockdowns amid rising COVID-19 infections, the country recorded more than 100 cases across 11 provinces over the last week, leading to the suspension of tourism ‘entirely’ in some locations, according to RFA citing the government sources.

Lhasa has still been left open for tourism, confirmed the sources to RFA.

“There is a huge number of Chinese tourists at the moment in Lhasa. The Barkhor [old town] area is especially full of Chinese tourists, who are taking pictures everywhere,” RFA quoted one of the sources who did not wish to be named.

“It’s frightening to see such large crowds here when the pandemic hasn’t ended yet,” RFA quoted the man further.

“In the Tibet Autonomous Region, government employees, students, and retired state workers are banned from making religious visits to the Potala Palace, but one can see that Chinese tourists are free to visit these religious places,” RFA quoted a source.

The RFA reported quoting another source that the Chinese tourists are only asked to show the negative COVID-19 reports.

The Chinese tourists who visited Qinghai province, a part of Tibet’s Amdo region, have tested positive for COVID compelling the Tibetans to take extra precautions and avoiding to visit the place, reported RFA citing the source.

“Local Tibetans are being very cautious right now, but the Chinese government doesn’t appear to be taking the pandemic very seriously. For instance, schools in this area are still open in spite of these surges in COVID cases,” RFA quoted a source as saying. (ANI)