Navy chief Admiral R Hari Kumar on Tuesday said that China is still a “formidable challenge” at the border and evolving terrorism is a major security threat for the country.

The Navy Chief Admiral said that China remains a formidable challenge in this regard and has kept on increasing its presence not just on land but also on maritime borders.

“China remains a formidable challenge and has increased its presence, not only along our land borders but also in the maritime domain by leveraging anti-piracy operations to normalize its naval presence in the Indian Ocean Region,” Kumar said.

Kumar further said that a war with potential adversaries cannot be ruled out, but without escalating into armed action.

“While competition is being played out on a daily basis, at times testing limits, but without escalating into armed action, a war with potential adversaries can never be ruled out,” Navy Chief Admiral said.

The Navy Chief Admiral also said that Pakistan has continued its military modernisation despite economic constraints.

“To the West, Pakistan despite economic constraints has continued its military modernisation, especially its Navy, which is on track to becoming a 50-platform force,” Navy Chief Admiral said.

Kumar also said that terrorism is still a major security threat in addition to the existing military challenges.

“While these conventional military challenges persist, terrorism remains a major security threat, as it continues to evolve in shape, scale and size. Staying one step ahead of such an invisible enemy, who will constantly innovate tactics, enabled by niche technologies, is a challenge that persists,” Kumar said. (ANI)