Chhattisgarh Minister of Commerce and Industries Kawasi Lakhma on Friday compared the smoothness of the roads built in the state’s Narayanpur district with the cheeks of Bharatiya Janata Party MP and Bollywood actor Hema Malini.

Lakhma said, “…15 years ago there was no road here. We constructed several km of roads in the constituency now the smoothness of the roads are like Hema Malini’s cheeks.”
While Lakhma was saying this, state Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel was seen sitting behind him and smiling.

The Minister was addressing the people in the state’s Bastar district.

Earlier, Lalu Prasad Yadav, when he was the Chief Minister of Bihar, also had made a sexist remark about the actress, saying that the roads of Bihar which were like the cheeks of Om Puri, will be made like the cheeks of Hema Malini.

Last year, Maharashtra minister and Shiv Sena leader Gulabrao Patil compared the roads in his constituency in Jalgaon district to actor turned politician Hema Malini’s cheeks saying that people should come and see the good condition of roads in his constituency and that he will resign if the roads were not smooth like Hema Malini’s cheeks. (ANI)