The Reserve Bank of India has launched the 36th round of the quarterly Services and Infrastructure Outlook Survey (SIOS) for January-March 2023.

The survey assesses the business situation for the current quarter (Q4:2022-23) from selected companies in the services and infrastructure sectors in India and their expectations for the ensuing quarter (Q1:2023-24) based on qualitative responses on a set of indicators pertaining to demand conditions, financial conditions, employment conditions and the price situation. An additional block on key parameters captures the outlook of the services and infrastructure companies for two subsequent quarters (Q2:2023-24 and Q3:2023-24), according to a statement released by the central bank on Wednesday evening.

Hansa Research Group has been authorised to conduct the survey for January-March 2023 quarter on behalf of the Reserve Bank. According to the statement, while the agency will approach selected companies, other companies in the services and infrastructure sectors are also encouraged to participate in the survey by downloading the survey questionnaire from the RBI’s website, under the head ‘Forms’ and the sub-head ‘Survey’.

The results for the 34th round which was for Q2:2022-23 were released in the public domain on September 30, 2022. The results for the 35th round survey will be released shortly. The statement also revealed that identity of the respondents is not revealed. (ANI)