Body decomposing for 10 days at top Indore hospital, probe ordered


A highly decomposed and unidentified body was found unattended lying on a stretcher in a morgue of MY hospital in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore on Tuesday, leading to an inquiry ordered by the hospital authorities, as per the hospital staff.

MY hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in Madhya Pradesh and the teaching hospital of MGM Medical College, Indore.

According to a hospital staff, the body was about 10-days old, lying abandoned on a stretcher in the morgue. The matter came to light when an unbearable stench started emanating from a particular portion of the morgue.

“In case of unidentified bodies, we keep them in the freezer for at least seven days after which we inform the municipal corporation to dispose of them respectfully. Now, we are inquiring why this particular body was not shifted to the freezer and whether or not the municipal corporation was informed about it.”

The bodies of Covid-19 patients and others are received at the morgue of MY hospital. Sometimes in a day, more than 20 bodies come to the morgue and we have only 16 freezers. Hence, we have also requested the authorities concerned to increase the number of freezers, said Thakur.