Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) Rajya Sabha MP Gopal Narayan Singh on Monday said youth in Bihar are in frustration due to unemployment and the state government should provide a solution.
Singh expressed concern over the security breach of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in Bakhtiyarpur.
Speaking to ANI, Singh said, “The situation in Bihar is not very normal, especially among youths, There is more frustration among the youth. To address their frustration, either provide them job or education. Youth have no opportunities that is why they are expressing anger somewhere. One should not consider ownself innocent by not blaming anyone.”Former Bihar BJP president Gopal Narayan Singh said that problems of youth need to be resolved and addressed seriously.

“It should be seriously considered why youths of Bihar are getting frustrated. Do not ignore it. The government should think and find a solution to the problem. Such incidents have happened before, it was ignored. Do not ignore such thing,” he added
In a major breach in security, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was attacked by a ‘mentally unstable’ person in his hometown Bakhtiyarpur on Sunday. However, Kumar directed officials not to take punitive action. (ANI)