Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Monday made a scathing attack on Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over increasing fuel and LPG prices and said that BJP does not work for the welfare of the poor and only indulge in politics of religion.

He further expressed his hope that people would do away with the ruling-BJP government at the Centre and the process would start by defeating the party in the 2022 Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls.

Sibal also did a veiled attack on BJP Minister Mahendra Singh Sisodia who has earlier claimed that people’s income of all sections of the society has increased and thus they should not complain of inflation.

“Hasn’t the income of the common man increased? Government can’t give everything for free. People should understand that if their income is rising, then they will have to accept inflation also,” Sisodia had said.

The BJP leader had also claimed that governments cannot give everything for “free” to people.

“BJP minister said income has increased but only their income has increased not of the public. Fuel and LPG prices have increased. They do not think about poor people and only do politics of religion. I hope people will throw out this government and start it by defeating them in Uttar Pradesh 2022 polls,” Sibal told ANI.

The petroleum companies have hiked the price of commercial Liquefied Petroleum Gas cylinders by Rs 266 from today onwards.

Meanwhile, petrol and diesel prices were hiked for the sixth consecutive day across the country on Monday.

In the national capital, with a hike of 35 paise a litre, the price of petrol rose to Rs 109.69 per litre while the price of diesel was increased by the same amount to cost Rs 98.42. (ANI)