Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and his deputy Tejashwi Yadav on Wednesday distributed appointment letters to newly appointed Police personnel.
The Chief Minister said that a total of 10,459 appointment letters were given during a programme organised by the state Home Department. Among the new recruits are 3,852 women (36.8 per cent) who got the appointment letters.

“Attended the appointment letter distribution ceremony of newly appointed 10,459 police officers/personnel by the Home Department. Of these newly recruited 10,459 police officers/personnel, 3,852 are women, which is 36.8 percent of the newly recruited police force today. My best wishes to them,” Nitish Kumar tweeted.

He hoped that the newly appointed personnel will discharge their duties with honesty and devotion.

“I believe that the newly appointed police officers/personnel will follow the oath taken and will discharge their duties with full devotion and honesty. Instructed to get the work of restoration and training done in a timely manner so that the rule of law is maintained in Bihar, this is our wish,” he tweeted.
Speaking on the occasion, Tejashwi Yadav claimed that the more people were applying for the Bihar Police than in the Agnipath recruitment scheme.
“People are applying more in the Bihar Police than Agnipath recruitment scheme for the Army which is a contract job. They run early in the morning for the recruitment of the police. There was no employment in Bihar, but what our commitment was, it is being fulfilled,” he said.

He also assured that all vacant positions in various government departments would be filled.

“Bihar is a state with the most number of youths. We will fill all the vacant positions in the police, health and education departments. The appointment letters are being distributed today on a large scale. Earlier there used to scam even in the appointments,” he said.

He added, “People with criminal mindsets are not able to digest these appointments. We have clear intentions, if anybody does anything wrong, he will not be pardoned. Do not leave those who try to instigate riots. Some people are trying to spread venom into society.” (ANI)