An eight-and-a-half-year-old girl was allegedly raped inside the toilet of a government school in the Khoefiza area of Bhopal by husband of a sweeper employed there, said police on Saturday.
The police arrested the accused after the child gave a description of what he looked like and he has been identified as Lakshminarayan Dhanak.
“An incident of rape of a girl was reported. It happened near the premises of a school. The accused works as a watchman in that school. He has been identified and arrested by the police. Further probe underway,” said Sachin Atulkar, Additional CP, Bhopal.
According to police, the victim is a student of Class 4 and she took admission in the school six days ago. The incident occurred on Friday afternoon at 1.30 pm.
“The victim went to the bathroom during lunchtime and in the meantime, the accused closed her eyes with her hand, then picked her up and took her inside the bathroom. He raped the victim and then fled from the spot,” said Police.
When the other students saw the girl crying they informed the teacher.
“The minor told the teacher that an uncle wearing a yellow shirt took her to the bathroom,” Police added. Following this school staff informed the police about the incident.
The police rushed to the spot and questioned the school staff, after which the police came to know that Lakshminarayan was the only one wearing a yellow shirt.
During questioning, the police came to know about the accused and later arrested him. The accused confessed his crime.
Further investigation is underway. (ANI)