That’s what it’s called a dip in the sea of love! Even the raging river could not stand in the way of her. After swimming in the river for an hour from Bangladesh to marry her boyfriend, a young woman came to Sundarbans. She is 22 years old. The Bangladeshi girl tried to cross the border to marry her boyfriend. Unable to do so, she chose the waterway to meet her lover. The raging rivers of the Sundarbans, the wildlife, the Royal Bengal Tiger – the fear of nothing was built in the young woman’s mind. She ran to the person she loved as she swam through the raging river for an hour, showing her bravery. She entered Bengal from Bangladesh by swimming in the river to catch her lover’s arms.

Avik Mandal of Bengal is in love with Krishna Mandal, a young girl from Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi girl was introduced on Facebook. Their love affair begins. But how long does love last on Facebook? They have to be tied up, one has to be four hands! Krishna couldn’t stand it anymore. The mind was yearning to meet the beloved. But she don’t have a passport! How to travel to India? So she decided to cross the border illegally. Choose the waterway. With the indomitable desire to cross a submerged river, she went down to the Matla river in the Sundarbans. According to police sources, Krishna first entered the Sundarbans. Sunderban is especially known for the Royal Bengal Tiger. After swimming in the river for about an hour, she reached her destination.

Did Krishna find her boyfriend Abik? She could get along with his lover, or all her efforts went in vain? No, Avik was also anxious to wait for Krishna. The wait was over there. Krishna has come to the top and is caught in the arms of Avik. Krishna was also married to Avik at the Kalighat temple in Kolkata three days ago. But there was no place for them here in India. Krishna was arrested on Monday for allegedly entering the country illegally. Krishna was arrested by the police.

According to sources, Krishna may be handed over to the Bangladesh High Commission. Earlier this year, a Bangladeshi teenager had crossed the border and entered India to buy chocolates. The teenager, identified as Iman Hossain, swam a small river to get his favourite chocolate bar and crossed the border into India through the gap in the fence. The boy was handed over to the local police. He was then produced in court. He was then remanded in 15-day judicial custody.

Now let’s see what happens to Krishna. What will happen to their love if Krishna is handed over to the Bangladesh High Commissioner after her arrest? Won’t she be tied up with Abik anymore? They can’t meet anymore! Krishna-Abik’s love affair has been overshadowed by this uncertainty. Maybe the love birds will have to leave, no one knows! (ZeeNews)