With an aim to make the Diwali festival a grand celebration in Ayodhya as the construction of Ram Temple is underway, the sand artist recreated famous episodes of Ramayana including, ‘Bharat Milap, and ‘Ram Laxman, Seeta’ symbolising “Treta Yug”, the second of the four yugas (a vast period of time) in Hinduism.

The artist, Rupesh Singh, said, “I opted for this sand art because my parents could not afford the expenses of art-related tools. I started creating art by using sand as it is affordable.”

He added, “I get a lot of appreciation from the people and the media. This is a very unique form of art. I have a dream of making the world’s largest sand art.”
During the Deepotsav event, eight to nine lakh oil lamps will also be lit at 28 ghats of Ram ki Paidi. This will be the highest number of oil lamps lit during the event. (ANI)