Arvind Kejriwal made scathing attacks on the Centre and blamed it for orchestrating the violence on Republic Day at Red Fort during the farmers’ tractor rally.

“The entire Red Fort incident was planned by them (BJP). Several people told me that they (protesters) were deliberately shown the wrong path as they did not know their way within Delhi. Those who hoisted the flags were their (BJP) workers. Our farmers can be anything but anti-nationals,” Kejriwal said.

Responding to the allegations, Delhi BJP said the CM’s allegations were irresponsible and shameful.
Kejriwal alleged that the farmers were continuously agitating because their farms would be taken over by capitalists. “Today, farmers are being tortured all over the country. Water cannons are being used on them and iron nails are studded on roads to restrict their movement,” he added.

Stressing that the farmers were not the enemies of the country, he accused the Union government of surpassing the British in oppressing people.

“The Centre sent a file to me asking that the nine big stadiums in Delhi be converted into jails for farmers. But despite all tactics, including threats, I did not let that happen. My government and party have been in the service of farmers from day one, including arranging for free Wi-Fi, toilets, food and water,” said the CM.
The AAP national convener alleged that BJP cheated the farmers after coming to power. He claimed that in its 2014 election manifesto, BJP had that it would implement the Swaminathan Commission report and minimum support price at 50% more than the actual cost of production would be given to farmers. “After forming the government, BJP gave an affidavit in Supreme Court saying it was not possible to increase MSP as it would distort the market,” he added.

Targeting the Uttar Pradesh government, Kejriwal said sugar mills in the state owed Rs 18,000 crore to farmers and the Yogi Adityanath government had not been able to get the dues cleared.

“Yogi Ji, I just want to ask what is the reason your government has kneeled in front of sugar mill owners. What is the purpose of your government if you can’t ensure payment to cane farmers? If AAP can fix the mighty discoms in Delhi and give free electricity to people, why cannot UP’s BJP government take on the sugar mills?” he asked.
Kejriwal said, “I want Yogi Ji to name anyone mandi in UP where paddy or any crop produce is bought at MSP. They keep on lying day in day out that MSP is there and will stay.”

“The Centre’s three farm laws are death warrants for farmers. The government wants to take away their land and give them to 3-4 capitalists. Farmers will become labourers in their own fields, that is why this is a do or die situation for farmers,” added the CM.

Delhi BJP spokesperson Praveen Shankar Kapoor said the allegations proved why Kejriwal and AAP were considered anarchic and people of Delhi and the country would never forgive him. “It is really shameful that Arvind Kejriwal, a chief minister holding a constitutional post, chose to level an irresponsible statement that the unfortunate January 26 incident at Red Fort was a planned conspiracy of the Centre,” he added.