Afghanistan’s former Vice President Amrullah Saleh has asked the ex-president of country Asharaf Ghani to release the tapes of his cover stations on the peace process with Zalmay Khalilzad and other relevant foreign diplomats in particular of the past July and August, reported Khaama Press.

Ghani must do it to counter the growing propaganda that accuses the Afghan side of the collapse, Sale said in a tweet.

“I call on @ashrafghani to release the tapes (esp Jul/Aug) of the conversations with Khalilzad & other relevant foreign diplomats on the peace process to counter the growing propaganda that it was & is all the Afghan fault. I know these tapes exist & hope you have them,” Saleh said in a tweet, according to Sputnik.

It came after Khalilzad and US Secretary of State Antonio Blinken accused Ghani to be behind the collapse of the previous Afghan government.

Khalilzad — who served as US former special envoy to Afghanistan — last month had said that people in Afghans were facing greater challenges in the country.

He had participated in negotiations in various formats on the situation in Afghanistan. In particular, he called on the Taliban to stop their offensive in the country. (ANI)