Adobe Stock makes over 70,000 photos, videos, vectors free for users


Adobe has launched its new ‘Adobe Stock’ free collection featuring over 70,000 photos, vectors, illustrations and more. Adobe has also announced it will invest $500,000 to help forty artists with new projects in 2021.

The Adobe Stock free collection features content from Adobe Stock artists. It will host over 70,000 high-quality, photos, vectors, illustrations, templates, 3D assets, and videos. The free assets from Adobe Stock carry the same commercial licenses as the company’s paid assets. Customers who license the free Adobe Stock assets can use it for their personal, business, or commercial projects.

The free assets on Adobe Stock will also work with features like its search filters based on copy space, depth of field and colour. Users can also upload an image and find a similar one using the visual search feature. The free Adobe Stock website is now live, and it has categorised sections for users to easily find what they’re looking for. The search bar is on top, popular sections for each category, collections, and more.

Adobe is also investing $500,000 in a new Artists Development Fund as part of an initiative from Adobe Stock. This fund will be awarded to forty artists who can use it to launch new projects in 2021. The fund can be used to cover costs for paying models, renting spaces, and equipment. The company will also focus on underrepresented communities for this fund. One of the selection criteria will be for artists to “authentically portray visual cultures associated with their own diverse regional, ethnic, and lifestyle communities.”

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