Aditya Narayan says he has finished all his savings, has Rs 18k in account


Aditya Narayan has opened up about his financial struggles amid coronavirus pandemic and has said that he has literally finished his savings during the lockdown. The singer-TV show host, who is all set to tie the knot with long time girlfriend Shweta Agarwal this year, said he only has about Rs 18,000 in his bank account.

Aditya said that he had never planned that he won’t be working for a year but the lockdown changed all his plans. Hinting at how he may have to sell his personal belongings if the situation gets worse, he said, “At the end of the day, you’ve to take some harsh calls. When you take those harsh calls, there will be a certain section of people who will say that this decision is incorrect.”

Aditya was talking about his financial situation in an interview to Bollywood Bubble. Opening up about how like the entire country, he too was affected by the lockdown, he said, “If the government extends the lockdown even further, people will start dying of hunger. My whole savings are depleted. I’ve literally finished my savings. All the money I had invested in Mutual Funds, I had to withdraw all of that (to survive). Because nobody had planned that I wouldn’t be working for a year and yet chilling it out. Nobody plans it like that. Unless you’re like some billionaire. So there is no choice. Like I’ve Rs 18,000 left in my account.”


“So if I don’t start working by October, I would have no money. I would have to sell off my bike or something. It’s really tough,” he added.

Ahead of the lockdown, Aditya had announced a six-month sabbatical from television to focus on his singing career. He returned to TV as Indian Idol host a few months later and even featured in various advertisements inviting singing aspirants to audition for the show online.

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