A number of people around the world will mark October 24 as International Diplomats Day to acknowledge the role of diplomats in making our world a better place.

Celebration of International Day of Diplomats was started in Brasilia on October 24, 2017, by Indian poet-diplomat Abhay K and since then, diplomats of several countries have participated in celebrating it annually.

The celebration aims to underline the critical role played by diplomats as everyday peace warriors in facilitating dialogue among countries, maintaining peace, and promoting cultural, commercial and people to people exchange.

This year people are invited to post a short video or text message on “Diplomats are …They …” For example- “Diplomats are our daily peace warriors. They help to make our world a better place.” said Abhay K, the founder of the International Diplomats Day.

Diplomats serve in different geographies, navigating diverse cultures, languages among others.
People can also share their impressions of interacting with a diplomat or their perceptions of a diplomat, a poem on diplomats, etc with hashtags #InternationalDiplomatsDay and #ServingPeopleGlobally. (ANI)