These days smartphones are like mini-computers and take care of almost all the things that one would possibly do on the internet. Travelling without a phone is unthinkable from bookings to payments to currency conversions, the device does it all.

Today we look at these five essential apps which are must when an individual is travelling outside their country.


A currency converter app, XE helps a traveller know how much he or she is spending in their own currency. One can see up to 10 currencies at once. It also facilitates transfer of money internationally. The XE app is supported by both iOS and Android.


You can connect PayPal with your bank account, debit card and credit card. The app can also act as a safe place to keep emergency money that can be retrieved and transferred when needed. PayPal is available on both iOS and Android.


Trail Wallet

One can track spending per trip or per month with this app. Other than monitoring the flow of money into food, accommodation and transportation, you can fix a daily budget too.

Trail Wallet is user friendly and one can go from checking the money spent to money left with the tap of a button. You can know about the money spent both in local currency and the corresponding value in your home currency. As of now it is available only on iOS.

Google Maps

Whether you are travelling abroad or locally, this is that one app that you can’t avoid. Even though Google Maps is not 100 per cent accurate, it is a great tool for navigation. It can be used on both Android and iOS devices.

Mobile Passport

Available on both Android and iOS devices, Mobile Passport lets you submit passport and customs declaration information through phone. This means you do not have to wait in a long queue at the customs counter and things will move smoothly.