Twitter updates its labels to declare Joe Biden the winner of the US election

Twitter has updated the labels for US Presidential election-related misinformation to show Joe Biden is the president-elect. It has also updated labels on US President Donald Trump’s tweets to reflect the same. Before this, Twitter labelled the claims of election fraud as “disputed”. The updated Twitter label says, “Election officials have certified […]

Hackers Attack US Nuclear Weapons Agency In A Massive Cybersecurity Breach

The US National Nuclear Security Administration and Energy Department that manages the US stockpile of nuclear weapons have become victims of a cyberattack, compromising their network. Reported first by Politico, US authorities spotted suspicious activity in the networks of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Los Alamos, Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico […]

‘Stop bullying’: Beijing slams US blacklisting of Chinese companies

Beijing on Saturday accused the United States of “bullying” after Washington announced export controls on dozens of Chinese firms over alleged ties to China’s military. The announcement — in the final weeks of President Donald Trump’s term — comes after relations between Washington and Beijing soured under his administration, which […]