The curious link behind China’s Ladakh moves and a looming food crisis

President Xi Jinping launched ‘Operation Clean Plate’ last fortnight to prepare China for a potential food crisis, contributed in part by the diplomatic muscle-flexing he has pursued abroad to bolster his standing at home. But Beijing’s aggressive manoeuvres in Ladakh, the South China Sea and beyond – seen to have been prompted by a […]

‘Outsized demands to claim territory’: US official on China action in India

The US will push back against China’s aggressive actions, including its “outsized” territorial claims on the border with India, even as it eyes the possibility of formalising the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or Quad as an alliance, a senior state department official has said. Deputy secretary of state Stephen Biegun said […]

MediaTek Helio G95 gaming-focused chip launched, check its top features

MediaTek on Tuesday announced the launch of a new gaming-focused processor. Called Helio G95, the chipset comes with an upgraded MediaTek HyperEngine game technology, multi-camera support, connectivity, and AI Super-Resolution for video streams. MediaTek said that the new chip is aimed at the premium 4G gaming smartphone segment. The first wave […]