China-pushed UNSC statement delayed as Pak blames India for Karachi attack


China-backed UN Security Council (UNSC) statement on June 29 Karachi Stock Exchange terror attack has been delayed much to the chagrin of the proposer after fellow council members expressed unhappiness over Pakistan trying to blame India for the strike. As many as 19 people died in the attack, apart from four terrorists of the Balochistan Liberation Army.

According to diplomats based in New York, China on Tuesday proposed a UNSC statement on the attack and put it under silence till 4 pm (US East Coast Time). While such statements are routinely issued by the UNSC after a terror attack, fellow UNSC members intervened at the last moment expressing reservations on uncalled statements by Pakistan. Politically beleaguered Prime Minister Imran Khan followed rising star foreign minister Makdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi in blaming India for the attack without even a shred of evidence. India on its part has totally rejected the outlandish charge.

It is understood that fellow UNSC members said the matter should not be dealt by the security council after Qureshi’s statement had vitiated the atmosphere by blaming an elect non-permanent member of the council.

While the UNSC statement is expected to be issued later in the day today, the Chinese diplomats expressed their frustration on the issue to other members by saying that it is the obligation of the UNSC to lend its voice “in time.” One Chinese diplomat in UN said that taking action “slowly will send a bad signal to others and the victims.” It is another matter that China blocked designation of Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar as global terrorist under 1267 resolution at the behest of Pakistan.

An internal communication from the Chinese diplomat recorded that they had to extend the silence process after a member asked for extension at the last minute. The procedure is now stands extended till 10 am (East Time) on July 1, 2020.

While the Chinese UN diplomats have asked the Council members to act seriously and follow the rules, fact is that the Karachi Stock Exchange attack has been condemned by UN Secretary General, members of the Security Council and India, which is outside the council.