No annual, other fee to be charged till school remains closed: Jharkhand govt to private schools


Jharkhand School Education and Literacy Department has written a letter to the head of all private unaided accredited schools, ordering that no annual, transportation or any other kind of fee will be charged from parents till the school is closed.

Jharkhand education department has also stated that there will be no hike in school fee for academic session 2020-21.

Schools should charge only the monthly fee until classes are resumed and if a fee is not paid, the nomination will not be cancelled.

Online study facilities for such students will not be invalidated. During the closing period no annual fee, transport fee or any other fee will be taken from parents

At any cost, no late payment charges will be taken, no salary deduction or holding of teachers and employees at schools.

School management will not pressurize parents for fee. Failing to adhere all these instructions will invite stringent action, even affiliation NOC may cancel.