‘Rejected dynasty’: Nadda sharpens attack on Congress over Ladakh face-off


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Jagat Prakash Nadda on Wednesday unleashed a blistering attack on the Gandhi family amidst the war of words over the Ladakh face-off between Indian and Chinese soldiers.

Without naming anyone, Nadda said on Twitter that one ‘royal’ dynasty is asking questions to the government and accused its followers of peddling the fake narrative.

“One ‘royal’ dynasty and their ‘loyal’ courtiers have grand delusions of the Opposition being about one dynasty. A dynast throws tantrums and his courtiers peddle that fake narrative. Latest one relates to the the Opposition asking questions to the Government,” Nadda said in his first tweet.

“It is the Opposition’s right to ask questions. The All Party Meeting saw healthy deliberations, with several Opposition leaders giving their valuable inputs. They also fully supported the Centre in determining the way ahead. One family was an exception. Any guesses who?” he further said.

Nadda said that a “rejected and ejected dynasty is NOT equal to the entire Opposition”. “One dynasty’s interests are not India’s interests. Today, the nation is united and supportive of our armed forces. This is the time for unity and solidarity,” the BJP chief said in his third time.

He also took an indirect jibe at Rahul Gandhi saying the “relaunch of ‘the scion’ for the nth time can wait”.

“Due to the misadventures of one dynasty: We lost thousands of square kilometers of our land. The Siachen glacier was almost gone. And much more. No wonder India has rejected them,” Nadda said in his final tweet on the issue.

The war of words has been going on between the BJP and the Congress over the June 15 skirmish in the Ladakh region in which 20 Indian soldiers were killed. The Congress has targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing him of giving away Indian territory to China. The attack has been led by Congress leader and party’s former president Rahul Gandhi.

PM Modi had asserted at the all-party meeting that “no one has entered our territory, no one is at present within our territory and no one has occupied our posts”. This was in reference to the situation in the Galwan Valley after Indian Army’s brave action to thwart Chinese attempts to erect a structure on the Indian side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

“Why did the PM tell the All-Party Meeting that “no one intruded into our territory”? Why did PMO delete these words from the official statement? And if ‘no one intruded into our territory’, how did our 20 soldiers die?” Congress leader Kapil Sibal asked on Tuesday.

Nadda had earlier targeted the Congress party and former PM Manmohan Singh for their remarks on the Ladakh incident. He had said that they should stop insulting the security forces repeatedly and questioning their valour.