Here is your horoscope for 16 June, 2020



Relationships improve today with extra effort put towards validating one another’s input, dear Aries. Making a special effort to listen before speaking can do wonders for a relationship. You’re also bound to see the value of implementing more (or better) rules and boundaries. Orderliness, even if it’s just a little more organization than usual, can be empowering now. You may be latching onto studies, personal interests, or projects that are not only absorbing but also transform your life. It’s a time for going the extra mile for people and projects you care about. The morning brings a greater awareness of your responsibilities. The Moon moves into your resources sector, and you seek the chance to regroup.


It’s a day for catching your breath with the Moon in the sign behind yours again today, dear Taurus. You may need a little more time to yourself than usual. You can feel, on the one hand, that you want to do something out of the ordinary and explore new places or ideas today. On the other, you want to get comfortable! The Sun, currently transiting your resources sector, encourages you to play it safe and stick to the tried and true. Jupiter, in your adventure and spirit sector, stimulates the desire to branch out and discover. If you can come up with ways to satisfy both your freedom-seeking side and your equally strong need to keep things straightforward and familiar, you’ll be in the best shape now. Aim for moderation so that whatever you decide to do doesn’t feel overwhelming.


The Sun in a minor challenging aspect with Jupiter suggests some restlessness, dear Gemini, but there is also some creative energy to tap. You might overestimate your interest in something or underestimate the time and energy that you’ll need to complete it today. There can be some indecision to manage. You’re a little more inclined to act on ego or emotion rather than reason, particularly with relationships. Ask questions, as the potential for misunderstandings is strong. Watch that you don’t take on a challenge or project that eventually becomes a burden, and try not to overthink. You’re in a good position for self-renewal through activities that feed your spirit or expand your mind. You’re also in good shape for putting new spins on old ideas. Letting go of minor irritations allows you to enjoy the pleasant social energy of the day. Useful news or ideas can come in that lift your spirits.


With the Sun in the sign right behind yours these days, dear Cancer, you may be doing some extra resting, reflecting, and putting things to rest or tying up loose ends. While goals may not be distinct or clear right now, they don’t need to be, so try not to let today’s somewhat impulsive or tense energy make you think otherwise. There can be obstacles to getting this rest and healing. Impulses are not often instincts, so do be careful that you don’t mistake impatience for intuition right now. Generalized discontent can lead to impulsive moves, and fears of changes in a relationship can lead to tension in other areas. There can be a feeling that you have to go around an issue instead of coming right out with it, but don’t be afraid to explore your feelings before presenting them. Do your best to allow forgiveness and grace to reign over insecurities today. Aim to take more time to get in touch with what you’re feeling.


These days, there is extra attention to a need to connect to those with whom you share common aspirations, dear Leo. While you’re more hopeful than usual, today’s energies are on the tense side, and you might want to watch for impulsive or fear-based decisions. You have many reasons to feel more engaged these days, but there can be a temporary lull that shouldn’t set you back, but that might redirect you a little if you require change. Staying on top of a health or work pursuit can be another source of tension as you attempt to oversee or manage too much and too many life departments. Letting go of control may necessary, even if it’s just a little bit or for a short time. While there may be a physical complaint or work concern that nags at you today, the Moon spends the day in your spirit sector, and you’re ready to see the silver lining. There can be a real desire to move forward and get out of any rut you may have felt you’ve been in.


While you seem to be reorienting yourself early today and this takes energy, dear Virgo, you’re rebuilding as the day advances. You’ll enjoy experimenting with or entertaining new ideas and methods. The Moon heads into your partnership sector, and your need for others in general (or someone in particular) increases. There can be beneficial interchanges with a partner or good counsel that refreshes or relieves you. You might enjoy showing your appreciation for someone in your life. Rolling with the changes feels good. The key to success today seems to adapt to others’ needs, giving less attention to your own needs without ignoring them. An interpersonal problem may resolve now, or there is more openness to your interactions. The healing and compassionate sides of life are in stronger focus.


The helpful and nurturing side of your nature is called upon today, dear Libra. Feeling good about your home life is a desire or theme now, and if you’re feeling discontented, you’re especially motivated to make changes and improvements. The Moon aligns with expansive Jupiter in your home and family sector, encouraging special attention to these matters. You recognize the qualities and habits that support or delay your growth. You can be dreaming up long-term, master plans for a business or home, or you’re inclined to focus on making your current living conditions more joyful. You’re seeking a stronger sense of belonging or connectedness, and it’s a great time to get in touch with any needs and desires you’ve suppressed. Later today, the Moon enters your sector of joy, and then promptly aligns with Saturn there. You’re attracted to spending time doing productive things, finding it soothing and satisfying. You can have great success working on a creative project or refining a skill, studying, or adding structure or form to a project.


The Moon joins with generous Jupiter in your communications sector today, dear Scorpio, helping to boost your mood and sunny up your disposition. You’re in terrific shape for guiding, connecting, and learning and warmth can figure strongly in your interactions. Your ideas and kindness are a big draw. It’s important to watch for overloading your schedule with Jupiter involved since its optimism can lead to a sense that you can handle more than is reasonable. You have a fabulous ability to show others where there’s common ground. You might also be feeling very enthusiastic about a project, idea, or interest. Later today, the Moon heads into your home and family sector for a couple of days, meeting Saturn. You’re likely to focus on the practical side of your domestic world or personal life. This transit puts the spotlight on your needs for safety, security, and familiarity. Gather your strength rather than exhaust yourself or scatter your energies now for best results. Because you’re more sensitive than usual, seek positive or calming atmospheres.



You may want to immerse yourself in a project or a person today, dear Sagittarius, but practical responsibilities that need more immediate attention can challenge this. Still, this brief blockage may strengthen your resolve to work things through. Fortunately, a Sun-Chiron aspect active today helps balance things out. You are standing out from the crowd, particularly on creative and romantic levels. It’s a fine time to believe in your abilities and quietly go about your tasks. A partner or friend could point you in the direction of creative change and inspiration. Sharing activities, ideas, and entertainment with people you care about can be especially healing and could help cement a bond. People are attracted to your more unique qualities and talents. It’s a good time to recognize your vulnerabilities and work with them in positive ways. Avoid worrying about your abilities and simply do your best and enjoy yourself for best results now.



The more open and generous your approach today, dear Capricorn, the more rewards seem in the offing. A Sun-Jupiter trine helps you see the benefits of current projects and boosts your outlook, in general. There may be a romantic attraction that motivates you. You’re interested in growing and improving in your creative pursuits and connections, as staying the same doesn’t appeal. Your best self shines through in what you’re doing, and the day has every potential to be empowering. You’re likely to crave a change of pace or a break from the usual routine. You may be teaching in some capacity now, or you could be learning something new and different that’s inspiring. A new channel for expressing yourself might open up, and a surge of enthusiasm brightens your day and your vision of the future. Later today, a Mercury-Jupiter aspect comes into play, and routine tasks are unlikely to satisfy you. Your mind is wandering, or you’re dealing with a multitude of distractions. You may be seeking a higher purpose or something more satisfying related to work or routines and habits. While there can be some difficulties prioritizing, if you let go of this need, you’ll be in fine shape.



This can be a fine day for cooperating with others, dear Aquarius, and good feelings tend to be reciprocated. There is a strong sense of mutual harmony and a general boost in feelings of peace and security with and through others. Still, you’re seeking a little more meaning from your pursuits or relationships than usual today, and you’re happy to see signs of improvement and growth. It’s a good time for tapping into your intuition. Radiating an expectation of success with people you love does wonders for you now, but so can some introspection. Later today, a Mercury-Jupiter influence suggests you may have too much information to make the bigger decisions, or the news you receive now is missing key points or is misleading. You’ll feel less stress if you let go of the need to find definitive answers today. Enjoyable activities are most relieving.


Today’s good for dreaming up big ideas that help boost your confidence, dear Pisces, particularly on social levels and related to your interests or studies. It’s a fine time for gaining trust or developing and growing a relationship or even a project. The Sun in your communications sector harmonizes with Jupiter in your social sector, and conversations are generous, open, and meaningful, although somewhat meandering later today. Networking can bring rewards or opportunities. You are more invested in your relationships today, and it makes sense to approach your day with an open mind and heart. A Mercury-Jupiter aspect also active today suggests that you may have too much to think about to the point of stress, perhaps related to your personal/home life or friendships. Meaningful, spirited conversations are favored over small talk, which can fall short right now