‘Red Dot’ experiment shows how culture impacts communication

A 10-year-long Red Dot experiment in which thousands of people were shown the same visual stimulus elicited varied responses from people belonging to different communities, showing how cultures impact interpretation of a message in visual communication. The study titled The Red Dot experiment, published by India’s Universal Business School, was […]

Style commandments for post-Covid-19 world

Given the extended period of lockdown, every evening, our Instagram feeds are bombarded with Live Insta chats featuring fashion designers, experts from the industry and newsmakers sharing their take on eco-conscious style, the paramount importance of upcycling and ethical production practices. Echoes of responsible shopping, repeating and saying no to […]

Irrfan Khan was due to appear in a film about a pandemic from Anand Gandhi

Actor Irrfan Khan was discussing the possibility of appearing in a film about pandemics, filmmaker Anand Gandhi has said. Irrfan died after a two-year battle with neuroendocrine tumour last week. Gandhi had been developing a script based on women scientists, fighting a contagion. Titled Emergence, the film would have featured Irrfan, the filmmaker […]